Sunday, January 01, 2012

Standing Up to the NeoCon War Crowd – Nuremberg Style

American NeoCons, many of them Zionist Jews, have been plotting with a foreign power and a willing military industrial complex in both countries. They advanced a ‘pre-emptive strike’ doctrine into American national defense policy, the result of several decades of Israeli Intelligence operations here.

They have penetrated key American political institutions in a manner that old Soviet spies could only look at and think, ‘Why didn’t we think of doing that.’

What was the public reaction to this ‘to hell with the Nuremberg’ precedent, and shift over to ‘waging aggressive war’? It was basically nothing. Decades of dumbing down had done it’s work.

Now, any country deemed capable of becoming a future threat, American taxpayer money could be spent by initiating a war against a country to prevent them from potentially attacking ‘U.S interests’ at a future date. I think this is a counterfeit version of Democracy.

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