Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why Neoconservatives Won't Back Down by Karen Kwiatkowski

But the neoconservatives are not working in this direction. Huddled over their nascent machine, they worry that (barring martial law and a suspension of presidential elections in 2008) their time is running out. They worry that their Great Leader (or Great Puppet, depending on your perception) and his party will be ejected, and the successor party will be either split, or at least too substantially troubled by what 20 years of pitiful post-Cold War leadership in Washington has wrought to "stay the course."

Monday, August 29, 2005

Does Anyone Know What We Are Doing in Iraq? by Paul Craig Roberts

The neocons' belief that Israel is made more secure by U.S. military aggression in the Middle East is delusional. How is Israel made secure by an invasion that turns the Muslim world against America as all polls show and Iraq into a training ground for al-Qaeda, as the CIA says has happened?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Anti-Semitism charges block rational Mideast discussion by Bonnie Agan

In her column, Susan Estrich labels Cindy Sheehan anti-Semitic for saying her son's death in Iraq was ". . . for a neocon agenda to benefit Israel." Estrich's hysterical reaction demonstrates precisely why there can be no rational discussion of Middle East policy in this country.

Friday, August 26, 2005

ex-NSA analyst WAYNE MADSEN under threat of Assassination by John Caylor

Following months of harassment by the Bush administration, that includes getting him fired from his job at a think tank and attempting to strip him of his membership in the Washington Press Club, the Bush administration has stooped to new lows in trying to make former National Security Agency employee Wayne Madsen disappear. America has entered a dangerous new age of the Neo-Con and new Nazi movement that thrives on lies and propaganda from Fox News and right wing talk show hosts. With Pat Robinson pushing for assassination of foreign leaders are domestic internet journalists next?

Iran's Growing Sway in Iraq Defies Neocons' Logic by Jim Lobe

Anyone who still believes that the U.S. neoconservatives who led the drive to war in Iraq are diabolically clever geo-strategic masterminds should now consider Iran's vastly improved position vis-à-vis its U.S.-occupied neighbor.

Not only did Washington knock off Tehran's arch-foe, Saddam Hussein, as well as the anti-Iranian Taliban in Afghanistan, but, with this week's completion of a new constitution that would guarantee a weak central government and substantial autonomy to much of the Shi'ite south, it also appears that Iran's influence in Iraq – already on the rise after last spring's inauguration of a pro-Iranian interim government – is set to grow further.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Big Lie -They're Fighting for Our Freedom by Robert L. Johnson

Listening to Bush supporters who have come out to oppose Camp Casey and its creator, Cindy Sheehan, it becomes painfully obvious how well a big lie really works on the minds of millions. Some of them have lost family members in the unnecessary war in Iraq that the neocons and Bush started. They can’t bring themselves to see reality--that their loved ones did not die for American freedom but were instead used as pawns by the politicians and the powerful Israeli lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee. For many people, it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong, especially when the cost of being wrong is so high. It’s much easier to believe the government and the big lies they tell and that the media protects.

Dying for Israel by Billmon

Now as I'm sure you know, when Cindy Sheehan allegedly wrote a letter claiming her son Casey "was killed for lies and for a PNAC neocon agenda to benefit Israel," she was roundly condemned and vilified by every sentient conservative on the planet – and by Christopher Hitchens, too. And yet, here we have a leading member of the Dino Democrat establishment saying much the same thing, and the reaction on the right, is… dead silence.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NeoCons Using Shrinks To Purge National Security Agency by Wayne Madsen

In the spirit of the Soviet "psikhushka" psychiatric hospitals where anti-regime dissidents were sent, NSA is using psychologists to eliminate independent-minded intelligence analysts and other career employees. Adverse psychiatric evaluations of experienced NSA professionals are being used by the neocons controlling the agency to gut America's signals intelligence and information security capabilities.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Danger Of Staged Terror Attack at Red Alert Level by Paul Joseph Watson

We must be very careful to remember that the Drudge Report, Sean Hannity and O'Reilly do not represent a political persuasion that truly encompasses any thinking American. On every single issue they support the government and since many of the government's actions cannot be called 'conservative' in the true sense of the word, the Neo-Con attack machine therefore does not represent real conservatives.

Bush vs. Benedict by Daniel McCarthy

There is, however, a conservative alternative, one that does not have the financial reach or media savvy of the neoconservative press but which has a long and venerable history and which agrees with the pope on hot wars and the culture wars alike. This brand of antiwar Catholicism is to be found in periodicals like The Wanderer, a 138-year-old newspaper based in Minnesota, and the considerably younger New Oxford Review.

Why Are We In Iraq? by Justin Raimondo

Both the neocon Right and the "centrist" (i.e., left-neocon) Democratic Leadership Council denounce the antiwar movement – and any timetable for withdrawal – as "anti-American," but how "pro-American" is the regime we've installed in Iraq by force of arms? When you look at what we've actually done in Iraq – the emerging Islamist-Kurdish tyranny we've empowered – it turns out that the U.S. government is the biggest exponent – and exporter – of true anti-Americanism. The irony and tragedy of this seems lost on those for whom "anti-American" is the main epithet in their rhetorical arsenal.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In Defense of Cindy Sheehan by Justin Raimondo

What is particularly loathsome about Hitchens is that his "argument" consists entirely of epithets: to speak of "neocons," he avers, is to speak of a "Jewish cabal." But why is that? Most American Jews are vastly unsympathetic to George W. Bush, his party, and his war. Aside from that, however, is neoconservatism suddenly and inexplicably disappeared, even as one of its leading exponents triumphantly brays that the "neoconservative movement" has succeeded? Sheehan never once used the word "Jew" to describe anyone or anything for the simple reason that "neocon" is not a synonym for a person of the Jewish faith.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sheehan: It’s About PNAC and the Neocons by Kurt Nimmo

Cindy Sheehan has broached this taboo—and with millions of people watching—and this is driving the neocons and right-wingers bonkers, as Malkin’s nonsensical blog entry demonstrates. Meanwhile, feeling threatened and pissed off that the “liberal” media (owned by war profiteers such as General Electric) would even give Sheehan one sound bite, the rabid right-wingers have mobilized.

Nuclear Proliferation May be a Neocon Goal by David Sugar

While nuclear proliferation may be in the long term strategic interest of this administration, by far the most valuable and immediate fallout from a successful North Korea nuclear test itself are right here at home for Mr. Bush. Should we ever make the mistake of actually capturing Osama, and people begin to suspect that the war on terror is just something cynically used to keep the population in fear and doubt and to pass laws offering ever tighter control over the American public by a fearful ruling elite, well now the administration and those elites behind it will have a brand new threat to use, perhaps one delivered just in time to assure a that a fearful American public makes the correct permitted choice again in 2008. This is an administration that rules by fear and intimidation, and those behind it wish to keep it that way.

SPY RING BUSTED by Richard Walker

It has long been Israel’s policy to compel the United States to confront Iran which Israel sees as one of its most dangerous enemies in the Middle East. Many neo-cons within the Bush administration, with strong ties to Israel, have long argued that after Iraq, the United States should force regime change in Iran and Syria.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The war on Iraq Why I oppose it

How the neocons hijacked the “war on terror” - The genesis of the war on Iraq

Hide Tide of the Neocons? by GARY LEUPP

The neocon plan as I understand it is to stand by while the EU-Iran talks collapse; hold France, Germany and Britain to an earlier promise to support UN sanctions against Iran in the wake of that collapse; push Mohamed ElBaradei and the IAEA to find Iran in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (even though it's not); attempt, knowing the effort will fail, to acquire a Security Council resolution condemning Iran; have John Bolton as new U.S. ambassador to the UN declare the organization irresponsible if not useless; and then tell the American people the U.S. has tried to deal with Iran's nuclear weapons threat (and its support for international terrorism, and the prospect of nukes falling into the hands of Islamic Jihad or Hizbollah) through the international body, but failed due to China's obstructionism based on Chinese selfish demand for Iranian oil.

More Than Just the Death of a Position by H. Millard

Another post-American white kid died in Iraq today. There was no reason for his death. He wasn't protecting his genes. He wasn't protecting his family. He wasn't protecting his home. He wasn't even protecting his now bastardized and declining nation—even though his head may have been filled with neocon propaganda to make him think that he was. He died for a lie told by sociopathic neocon politicians and their running dog shills. His life, so precious, so rare, so irreplaceable, was cut short before he really lived at all. Now, he's gone forever as though he had never existed.


Not coincidental to ethnic troubles being stirred up by Bush administration neo cons in Iran's majority Arab and oil-rich Khuzestan Province bordering Iraq, a 1998 letter allegedly signed by then-Iranian Vice President Mohammad Ali Abtahi, surfaced a few months ago. The letter, which was a forgery (like the Niger government document alleging Saddam Hussein was shopping for yellowcake uranium in Niger) stated that Iran was going to displace ethnic Arabs in Khuzestan with Persians. The letter was circulated in Khuzestan at the same time the Bush neo-cons began increasing support to Arab separatist movements in the province. The Iranian government said the forged letter was the work of Mujaheddin-e-Khalq (MEK), the Iranian terrorist group supported by leading neo-cons Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, Daniel Pipes, Republican Sen. Sam Brownback, and Democratic Rep. Tom Lantos. The forged letter resulted in rioting and terrorist bombings by ethnic Arabs throughout Khuzestan.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

U.S. Blood Is Not Buying a Free Iraq by Thomas R. Eddlem

Neo-conservative commentators typically describe the Iraq war as a campaign against "Islamo-Fascism" — a label meant to invoke the "Good War" against the original Axis. However, the draft of the Iraqi Constitution illustrates that the Bush administration has sacrificed hundreds of American lives in the cause of building Islamo-Fascism, rather than fighting it.

Bush's War of Terror, the Neo-Cons: Part Six by Deanna Spingola

George W. Bush very quickly filled his administrative ranks with members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a group dedicated to a globalist New World Order. With additional predatory war hawks from the Project for a New American Century and George H. W. Bush's globalist gang we should not be the least surprised to find the United States participating in devised warfare, the path to the New World Order. We invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and there is the war against the American citizens known as the "war on terror" in which there will be an ongoing deprivation of our freedoms supposedly to "protect" us but rather - to control and terrorize us.

Cheney's Man Slated to Replace Feith by Tom Barry and Tanya I. Garcia

A career diplomat and foreign policy operative, Eric S. Edelman has just replaced the controversial Douglas Feith at the Pentagon as the new undersecretary of defense for policy, having been appointed by President Bush during a congressional recess.

To the contrary, Feith's replacement by Edelman underscored that the administration was continuing with the foreign policy agenda set forward by the neoconservative camp.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Voice of the White House

In light of all this anxiety, the Neocons have concocted an interesting two pronged program to both secure unlimited amounts of guaranteed oil and neutralize both North Korea and Iran. These theses are expounded in a “secret” paper (there are no secrets in Washington) that has been circulating amongst the Bush people.

No Sympathy for the Neocons by Justin Raimondo

Wrong? Neocons? They'll never admit it, although the whole world knows it. That's a defining characteristic of these ex-lefties-turned-rightists – they're so blinded by ideology and their own hubris that even the massive failure of their policies [.pdf] in practice leads not to reconsideration, but to a drunken triumphalism:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Slipping the Neocon Sucker Punch by Donald Devine

The neocons thought they had the Bush administration just where they wanted. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice finally said the magic words. "It is time to abandon the excuses that are made to avoid the hard work of democracy," she declared right in the belly of the beast at the American University in Cairo. "For 60 years, my country, the United States, pursued stability at the expense of democracy in this region here in the Middle East and we achieved neither. Now we are taking a different course."

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bizarro Iraq by Justin Raimondo

The failure of the Iraqi occupation points to the completely impractical nature of the neoconservative project [.pdf], which aims to reconstruct the Middle East much as Japan and Germany were recreated in the wake of World War II. There are several problems with this approach, not least of all its almost childlike hubris, but let us start with the obvious point that Saddam, the tinpot Third World tyrant, was no Hitler, and his regime was hardly the Thousand-Year Reich. Nor was the Iraqi military, a ragtag agglomeration of conscripts, ever on the same level as the legendary German war machine.

The Neocons' Childish Theory by Charley Reese

He bought the childishly unrealistic theory, concocted by mostly pro-Israeli neoconservatives, that we could take out Saddam Hussein and install a Jeffersonian democracy in Iraq, and that this fine example would spread liberal democracy to the entire Middle East. This was going to be cheap and easy, they said. It was not only a childish and simplistic theory, it was stupid. It's what you would expect from a bunch of mostly academics who have never heard the sound of gunfire and who don't read or speak Arabic, much less have ever spent any time in the area.

Chaos under heaven by Tom Engelhardt

In the period before September 11, neo-con writers often focused on the spread of a failed-state world, a supposed jungle of non-governable instability out there on the peripheries, one on which only the sole global hyperpower would assumedly have the capability to impose some level of order. Some of those neo-cons, in their eagerness to whack various regimes in the Middle East - Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon - probably didn't care greatly if, as a result, they created failed states throughout the region. Chaos didn't perhaps seem the worst fate for many of those lands (as long as Ariel Sharon's Israel was strengthened in the process).

What Michael Moore (and the neocons) don't know about Saudi Arabia by Juan Cole

The Americans, however, would be wise to see their relationship with the kingdom as a two-way street. When the Saudi king warns the White House that an explosion will come if progress is not made toward a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, the warning should be taken seriously. When a Saudi ruler puts his enormous prestige on the line to advance a comprehensive peace plan, it should not be lightly tossed in the trash bin. When the Saudi establishment warns that American wars waged against regional powers might plunge the area into chaos, it should be listened to carefully.

he Real AIPAC Spy Ring Story -it Was All About Iran by Doug Ireland

The neo-cons in the Pentagon had long been arguing for an attack on Iran to take out its nuclear facilities that had the potential to be converted for development of nuclear weapons. Wolfie's man Doug Feith had been particularly assiduous in pressing the case for a "forward strategy" against Iran. Feith's views are madly extremist, and Jim Zogby collected them in an April profile of Feith that should scare the pants off of anyone rational. (Feith's been a major activist for years with the viciously anti-Arab crazies of the ZOA, the Zionist Organization of America).

Friday, August 05, 2005

Oil rich Mauritania: Coup against the US and Israel?

In the Arab world - apart from Jordan and Egypt - Mauritania was the third country which under US neocon pressure opened up diplomatic ties with Israel, ('Holocausting' the Palestinians doesn't matter?) - a deed unheard of in real muslim states with which the 100% Muslim population didn't agree. According to the Israeli information paper Ha'aretz, in a comment on the coup in 2003: 'recognizing Israel as a state by Ould Taya was one of the main reasons for the coup.' - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/7kcl6

AIPAC Spy Nest Exposed by Justin Raimondo

In addition to five espionage-related charges filed against former Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, two counts of conspiracy to communicate classified information to a foreign power have been lodged against former AIPAC foreign policy director Steve Rosen, and a single count of conspiracy against Rosen's assistant, former AIPAC Iran specialist Keith Weissman.

What emerges from this indictment is AIPAC's role as an organization that functioned as a lot more than a mere Washington lobbying group, but rather one whose primary objective is intelligence-gathering on behalf of Israel.

Former officials with pro-Israel group indicted

Franklin, who worked on the Iran desk in Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's office, had also been charged with three counts of communication of national defense information to persons not entitled to receive it. In Thursday's indictment, Rosen was charged with aiding and abetting Franklin in one of those counts by passing along written classified information.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

World Movement for Democracy - Made in the USA by Tom Barry

Neoconservatives inside and outside the Bush administration have been central players in an array of government-backed initiatives such as the World Movement for Democracy and the Community of Democracies, as well as in such strictly private democratization programs as that of the neocon American Enterprise Institute.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Slipping the Neocon Sucker Punch by Donald Devine

Even some neocons have seen the need to set the U.S. mission as something less than bringing America-like democracy to the whole world. As early as last summer, no less than Francis Fukuyama had declared the end of the "neoconservative moment" in the face of the hard realities of turning Iraq into a functioning democracy, calling for a more realistic standard for disengagement. Even Charles Krauthammer, who before 9/11 had his realist moments but had then turned full-bore to world democratization, last year called for "democratic realism" as opposed to "democratic globalism."

Origins of the Species Neo-Con by Roger Morris

Whatever "Scoop" Jackson's mix of political principle and opportunism, Perle's politics were largely himself. And in time-honored Washington tradition, on the way up Perle gathered his own disciples among similarly grasping men-Wolfowitz, Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith and others who would go on themselves in the same fashion to become key officials in the current administration, and who gathered their own coterie from assorted Reagan regime and Capitol Hill right-wing hacks such as Bolton. Like Perle, who was appointed in 2001 to chair the Bush Administration's influential Defense Policy Board, they were all longtime advocates, years before the Sept. 11 attacks, of pre-emptive American military invasions in Iraq and elsewhere and of implicit, if not open, support for the expansionist and repressive policies of their right-wing counterparts in Israel. Their concerted influence was decisive in going to war in Iraq.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

If Joe Was Right . . . by John Kaminski

If Joe Vialls was right, then we are on the brink of World War III, specifically because of Zionist neocon crazies willing to bet everything they have - and everything you have, as well - that they can bludgeon the whole world into submission with their money, their weapons, and their hypocritically sanctimonious and psychologically flawed dogma.

Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat by Jim Lobe and Tom Engelhardt

What still remains to be fully grasped, however, is the wider pattern of propaganda that underlay the administration's war effort – in particular, the overlapping networks of relationships that tied together so many key figures in the administration, the neoconservatives and their allies on the outside, and parts of the media in what became a seamless, boundary-less operation to persuade the American people that Saddam Hussein represented an intolerable threat to their national security.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Taking Down the Neocons by Justin Raimondo

Scott then named Ledeen as the aforementioned "well-known neoconservative" with Italian connections, and Giraldi did not deny it, while averring that "there are issues involved in raising someone's name." Giraldi went on to say that the forgers . . .

Requiem for the Unreal Real World by Christopher Deliso

At bottom, this growing unreality of the "real world" – that is, the U.S.-led Western world of technological leadership and consumer comfort – owes just as much to the bona fide insanity of the neocons now running the show as it does to political face-saving. The now infamous quote provided to Ron Suskind by one White House official, that the U.S. "creates its own reality" as it lumbers along, cuts to the very heart of the problem.

Michael Ledeen Cabal: Forged Documents Conspiracy by CLAYTON HALLMARK

The story includes multinational stool pigeon Rocco Martino, Italian spy Francesco Pazienza, wanted CIA spy Robert Seldon Lady, and Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, who’s under charges of giving US secrets to Israel.

Karl Rove’s foreign-policy advisor, Michael Ledeen, proclaimed "the rightness of the fascist cause" in 1972.