Monday, July 31, 2006

Mark Glenn's Crescent and Cross Web Site

Mark Glenn of Crescent and Cross joined Old Right Topic News Senior Editor Mark Dankof on Frank Whalen's show on the Republic Broadcasting Network on July 31st. Both gentlemen discussed the horrific ramifications of the Christian Right/Neo-Conservative/Israeli Lobby alliance, both for the developing catastrophe in Lebanon as well as for tragedies yet to come--including preemptive war with Iran and the predictable asymmetrical warfare counterpunches to be thrown by the other side. Glenn's site is informative, his Picture of the Day encapsulating--in terms of symbolizing the demonic quagmire that is American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Canard of "Anti-Semitism" and the New York Christian Coalition Web Site

Get ready, folks. The "Anti-Semitic" card is going to be played again when it comes to anyone less than enamored of Zionism or Israel's war in Lebanon. Joe Eldred of the New York State Constitution Party--a true Christian gentleman--is the latest target of this tactic after expressing concern about the ramifications of killing massive numbers of innocent civilians in Lebanon on the New York Christian Coalition web site. Mark Dankof of Old Right Topic News and BATR was one of several who rose to defend Mr. Eldred from this absolutely absurd canard and accusation.

Feel free to weigh in with your own perspective on the New York Christian Coalition web page where the debate is transpiring.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Video: The (Iranian) Republican Prince: An Interview with Amir Abbas Fakhravar

Mark Dankof of Old Right Topic News notes the Jahanshah Javid interview in The Iranian with Amir Abbas Fakhravar in New York, a man suddenly of great media prominence in the American and British Corporate Media coverage of the Iranian human rights movement. Who really is Amir Abbas Fakravar and why have his recent surfacings in the West been accompanied by a linkage to Neo-Conservatives Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen, and Bernard Lewis? Will Iran truly be liberated from the IRI regime in Tehran by such people, or will the country have its autonomy and independence completely destroyed by Western central bankers, petroleum conglomerates, and the Israeli lobby?

No reasonable person wants the continuation of Islamic Shiite fundamentalist theocracy in Tehran--but no reasonable person wants to see an independent Iran destroyed by covert Western operations designed to pull the country apart with secret manipulation of separatist movements in Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, and Balochistan---or a preemptive war prompted by Bankers, Oil, and Ehud Olmert which would do for the people of Iran what is now being wrought in Lebanon.

And where is Reza Pahlavi in all of this? Does he understand that the real forces behind the destruction of his father's throne are once again manipulating Iranians across the political spectrum in a cynical and deadly game? Bahman Nassiri of The Golden Mask is one source to watch and consult. So is Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan. Nassiri and Neshat may be two anti-IRI expatriates and Persian human rights activists tragically caught in the coming crossfire between the theocratic despots in Tehran and the forces of the New World Order who want to destroy Iran permanently in the interest of the New Great Game being played for globalist control of Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea/Central Asian oil/gas reserves and pipelines. Watch.

Friday, July 14, 2006

John Hagee of Cornerstone Church: Front Man for Zionism and the Coming War With Iran by Mark Dankof

Old Right Topic News Senior Editor Mark Dankof notes that John Hagee of Cornerstone Church and "Christians United for Israel" (CUFI) have now openly advocated a preemptive military strike on the nation of Iran, as reported by Julia Duin of the Washington Times. Hagee's cozy relationship with the Jewish Lobby and Israeli intelligence is reaching new highs--or lows--including the hiring of David Brog, former Chief of Staff for Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), as the Executive Director of CUFI. In evaluating how close demagogues like Hagee and his Neo-Conservative pols aligned with Israeli intelligence are to touching off World War III, Dankof's references to Mr. Hagee in his recent review of Kevin Phillips' book American Theocracy are worth the reader's time, as well as a more dated review of Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment, which chronicles the role of the Israeli Mossad in assassinating John F. Kennedy. Piper reminds us that Arlen Specter, probably the most Jewish Lobby-owned member of the United States Senate, was the Warren Commission's architect of the fraudulent "single bullet" theory, designed to obscure from public view the physical--and political--crossfire that killed the 35th President of the United States in Dallas. Finally, Mark Dankof's paper on the History of Dispensationalism for Westminster Theological Seminary will give the reader additional background on what fuels the Zionist--Christian Right alliance as it heads toward a self-fulfilling prophetic Armageddon fulfillment.

Click the Link to NewsReleaseWire for all the Links and details.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mark Dankof's Night Dreams and Book Reviews for the 4th of July: Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy

Kevin Phillips: American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st century

Viking (Penguin Group): New York, 462 pp.

ISBN: 0-670-03486-X

Bach's Mass in B Minor, late night reading of Kevin Phillips's American Theocracy, and a Lunesta pill combine this 4th of July weekend to give Mark Dankof a nocturnal kaleidoscopic dream combining Phillips's data and argumentation with a flashback to JFK's San Antonio sojourn on November 21, 1963, and a glimpse of an Obelisk dedication in the Alamo City with ominous implications ahead.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Michael Collins Piper: Open Letter to the American Ambassador to Malaysia

Michael Collins Piper informs BATR's Mark Dankof of a criminal scheme to bribe Malaysian bookshop owners to jettison the distribution of Piper's books. The letter is most revealing for the players it reveals, and the collusion of the U. S. government and the Israeli Lobby in suppressing Piper's information. Piper's open letter is as follows:


P. O. Box 15728
Washington, DC 20003

July 3, 2006

Christopher J. LaFleur
US Ambassador to Malaysia
United States Embassy
376 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Mr. LaFleur:

As you are probably aware, the matters discussed in this letter were already brought to the attention of Mr. Matthew Cenzer of the Malaysian affairs desk of the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. in a telephonic conference on or about June 29. (I am confident several government agencies have recordings of that, so you may feel free to refer to those recordings if you need information not referenced herein.)

In addition, on June 27, between 7:00-8:00 pm EST, in a live broadcast of my nightly radio talk forum, THE PIPER REPORT, heard over the Republic Broadcasting Network, I described the events outlined in this letter. An archive of that program can be accessed at any time over the Internet at

For the record, however, I am directing this matter to your attention in this letter (which will also be published online at and in the pages of American Free Press newspaper, whose readers will find this information interesting).

During my recent visit to Malaysia (June 5-June 26), my second visit in the last two years, I was astounded to learn from two former high-ranking and very well known Malaysian government officials (both of whom I know and trust implicitly) that a person described as “the U.S.ambassador to Malaysia” approached two different private
entrepreneurs in Malaysia—a bookshop owner and a publisher of my books in Malaysia—and offered them bribes to persuade them to stop distributing my books Final Judgment, The High Priests of War, and The New Jerusalem.

It is my understanding that the person said to be “the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia” did indeed offer such a gratuity under such circumstances to either or both of these individuals, this is a crime, not only under U.S. federal law, but, according to a source in Malaysia, an attorney, it is also a crime under Malaysian law.

So I feel comfortable in asserting that the person said to be “the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia” who reportedly offered these bribes is corrupt,that this individual is a criminal, that this individual should not be pretending to “serve” the interests of America or of any American citizen traveling in Malaysia.

In addition, under U.S. law (and also under Malaysian law), I would personally have grounds to bring a civil action against the person responsible for this malicious attempt to interfere with the commercial distribution of my books.

It is my understanding that the person said to be “the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia” demanded to know of the bookstore owner and the book publisher “why” they were distributing the books and offered to “meet [their] price” only to be told by both that neither made much money on the books and that their purpose in distributing the books was because they believed the books contained important messages they felt needed to be heard in Malaysia.

The books in question, as noted—and as you are certainly now aware—are described as “controversial” because of the theses they put forth:

Final Judgment asserts that the intelligence service of Israel played a role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in response to JFK’s efforts to prevent Israel from building nuclear weapons of mass destruction;

The High Priests of War, an accounting of the rise to power of the fanatical pro-Israel “neo-conservative” armchair war-hawks who used their influence to direct the United States, under Young Bush, to launch a needless and destructive war against Iraq to satisfy the demands of Israel (and who are now plotting similar aggression against Iran and other states perceived to be harmful to the interests of Israel and international Zionism); and

The New Jerusalem, the first-ever up-to-date accounting, in this 21st century, of the vast power and influence in the American arena by the
handful of families who are the prime movers behind the Zionist lobby in the United States today.

It’s rather ironic, Mr. LeFleur, that a U.S. Ambassador would try to stop distribution of these books, considering the fact that a former high-ranking State Department official has written what is undeniably the strongest and most forthright endorsement of Final Judgment.

In addition—and note this—when the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Zionist lobby group, tried to prevent me from lecturing about Final Judgment on a college campus in California some years ago, one of the persons who most publicly denounced the ADL and came to the defense of my right to lecture on campus was Colonel Forest J. “Joe” Hunt.

If you don’t know his name, you should. Colonel Hunt is the guy who was not only the trainer, at Quantico, but also the commander, of all of those gutsy U.S. Marines that guard United States embassies—including yours—around the globe. That’s the kind of people who have stood up in my defense, quite a different “cut” from those who are trying to sabotage me.

Since my books, in part, take aim at the intrigues of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)—a “junior” arm of the London-based Rothschild family-funded Royal Institute of International Affairs—I understand why you personally might be offended by those books, since your official biography brags of your role as the so-called “Cyrus Vance Fellow in Diplomatic Studies” at the CFR, of which you are a member.

Now since my books were first introduced in Malaysia in August of 2004, several months before you assumed the post of U.S. Ambassador, I will be the first to acknowledge that it it entirely conceivable that it was the other individual who served as ambassador, prior to you, who committed this crime.

But if you are here to deny that it was either you or the former ambassador or any member of the U.S. Embassy staff (acting on behalf of the ambassadors or on their own) who was responsible for this crime, then it is your responsibility to find out who was then posing as “the U.S.ambassador to Malaysia” in offering the bribe.

Indeed, is it possible that a U.S. Embassy staffer, posing as “the Ambassador” or pretending to act “on behalf of the U.S. Ambassador” carried out this crime on his own and was never directed by you or the other ambassador to commit this crime? If so, you should investigate.

Is it possible that the staffer was acting at the direction of a call from the White House, perhaps from I. Lewis Libby, former chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney, now under criminal indictment for behind-the-scenes mischief, trying to undermine another individual for political reasons, similar to the effort against me?

It is possible, in the alternative, that the staffer was acting at the direction of some American Israeli lobby figure, such as Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, or Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center or perhaps the two former officials of American Israel Public Affairs Committee who are now under criminal indictment for illicit receipt of U.S. intelligence data (in other words, espionage)?

In that realm, is it possible that the bribe money was being provided by one of these Israeli lobby groups or from some American source such as billionaires Edgar Bronfman or S. I. Newhouse or some other known financial supporter of Israel and the intrigues of the Israeli lobby?

Are American embassy officials offering bribes to foreign corporations on behalf of private interest groups for political reasons?

These questions are posed here precisely because I don’t have all of the answers. But I have enough of the information to prove beyond any question that I am very clearly a target of criminal elements inside the U.S. government.

For our purposes here, the names of the bookshop owner and the publisher of my books and the names of my sources on this affair are not relevant. But you can be certain that I will provide affidavits if it is ever necessary.

When I learned—after the fact—that “my” own “ambassador” in Malaysia was using his influence (and presumably even my own tax dollars, perhaps taken out of some “black budget” for such purposes) to interfere with the distribution of my books, my reaction was not one of anger, but horror.

Let me note that I was not particularly disturbed by any potential financial loss (minimal, if any) nor was I especially perturbed about the idea that my books would lose a reading audience.

Rather, I was shocked to know that the very individual—the U.S. ambassador—most ultimately responsible for protecting my interests, as an American citizen traveling in Malaysia—was telling Malaysians that I am considered “garbage” by my own ambassador and subject to being the target of an illicit, crooked backroom deal initiated by that ambassador, but rejected by those Malaysians who knew that what the
ambassador was offering was in violation of the law, at most, and unethical and immoral at the least.

It is appropriate to note, if only in passing, that—in March of 2003—a representative of the George W. Bush administration’s U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates pulled a similar “dirty trick” undermining me while I was traveling in that country, having given a speech critical of the Bush administration’s insane foreign policy as directed by the pro-Israel neo-conservatives. While I was a guest of the Arab League’s official think tank, the Zayed Center, funded by Abu Dhabi’s ruling Zayed family, a U.S. Embassy official called the Zayed Center to complain about my appearance there.

Although this initially amused me (at the time), I soon realized that this was a direct threat to me personally while traveling on foreign soil. My own government, which proclaims its devotion to our First Amendment freedom of speech, was effectively trying to restrict my freedom of speech on foreign soil. This is detestable, but considering what subsequently took place more recently in Malaysia, it portrays a pattern of corruption by the Bush administration and those who are apparently calling the shots within.

These criminals in the Bush administration have been implicated in election fraud in both the 2000 and 2004 elections and in the use of government power to harass groups—such as the NAACP—that are perceived to be critical of the Bush regime, and the administration has pushed through police state legislation such as the so-called “PATRIOT” act to attempt to curtail civil rights and liberties in America. Many
Americans walk in fear of this gang of criminals and that is why I have gone on public record to let others know precisely what I have learned about the dirty tricks operations that have been aimed at me personally.

In closing, I will repeat to you, Mr. LaFleur, what I told Mr. Cenzer at the State Department in Washington:

• Although I am confident that I could win a civil action in certainly a Malaysian court (and possibly even an American court) against the individual responsible for the outrageous conduct outlined here, I do not choose to initiate such litigation.

• Although I am certain that there are many good officials and agents inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department who would not hesitate to take on a criminal investigation of this matter—evidenced by their wonderful efforts in pursuing such criminal slime as Lewis Libby, and those two distasteful Zionists from AIPAC, not to mention another corrupt Zionist operator,Jack Abramoff—I am not
going to demand an FBI investigation.

In other words, I am letting a criminal (or criminals) get away with a crime . . .

But perhaps this public exposure of this crime will serve as a warning not to let it happen again. Back off. Next time the full force of the criminal and civil law will be brought to bear, both here and in Malaysia or wherever else appropriate, and all those responsible will be held to account under the law.

Remember: there are still good people in the American system: in the military (those generals are top notch, taking on the neo-cons as they have) and in the FBI and the Justice Department and in the CIA and the NSA and in the State Department, too. These folks are ready to root out the bad guys who are carrying out the dirty tricks operations and the war-mongering schemes of the Zionists and there are millions of Americans who are ready to rally behind them.



CC: via email to various parties
Matthew Cenzer, U.S. State Department