Thursday, July 20, 2006

Video: The (Iranian) Republican Prince: An Interview with Amir Abbas Fakhravar

Mark Dankof of Old Right Topic News notes the Jahanshah Javid interview in The Iranian with Amir Abbas Fakhravar in New York, a man suddenly of great media prominence in the American and British Corporate Media coverage of the Iranian human rights movement. Who really is Amir Abbas Fakravar and why have his recent surfacings in the West been accompanied by a linkage to Neo-Conservatives Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen, and Bernard Lewis? Will Iran truly be liberated from the IRI regime in Tehran by such people, or will the country have its autonomy and independence completely destroyed by Western central bankers, petroleum conglomerates, and the Israeli lobby?

No reasonable person wants the continuation of Islamic Shiite fundamentalist theocracy in Tehran--but no reasonable person wants to see an independent Iran destroyed by covert Western operations designed to pull the country apart with secret manipulation of separatist movements in Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, and Balochistan---or a preemptive war prompted by Bankers, Oil, and Ehud Olmert which would do for the people of Iran what is now being wrought in Lebanon.

And where is Reza Pahlavi in all of this? Does he understand that the real forces behind the destruction of his father's throne are once again manipulating Iranians across the political spectrum in a cynical and deadly game? Bahman Nassiri of The Golden Mask is one source to watch and consult. So is Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan. Nassiri and Neshat may be two anti-IRI expatriates and Persian human rights activists tragically caught in the coming crossfire between the theocratic despots in Tehran and the forces of the New World Order who want to destroy Iran permanently in the interest of the New Great Game being played for globalist control of Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea/Central Asian oil/gas reserves and pipelines. Watch.

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نیکی said...

I appreciate your attention to the appearance of Fakhravar in Neo-con circles, but these two sites you have linked strike me as rather strange and obscure.

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