Friday, April 30, 2004

Take the High Road: Jim Robinson of is Not A "Dickless Fag" by Mark Dankof

Pastor Mark Dankof reminds his friends and colleagues at to reengage the high road in all political discourse and debate, especially with Jim Robinson of Robinson supports all kinds of idiotic and clinically evil policies, including ongoing War for Empire and Sharon, regardless of how many American kids end up with their toes tagged in the Dover AFB morgue, or tagged in the coming re-imposition of the Draft. Hit him on these legitimate issues: But he is certainly not what an anonymous poster to tagged him with this past week: "A Dickless Fag."

Rampaging Neocons Running Amok

With all the deliberate lying and deception being strewn across our path at breakneck speed to mask the greatest—and ever-exponentially-expanding—military and political fiasco in United States history, it’s practically impossible to stop and pause long enough to reflect on any one single statement or event.

Satan Disappointed in Neocon Spawn by Bob Wallace

When asked what his plans for the future were, Satan laughed and answered, "Why, the same as always. Get the human race to sacrifice to me through war, mass murder and massive destruction. I'll do what every tyrant does--attempt to conquer the world by pretending I and my minions are benefactors. The masses always fall for that little trick."

NY Times: Neocons Cooked Intel for Iraq War

See how many of the Zionist extremists traitors mentioned in the New York Times article included below were also mentioned in this 'Whose War?' article by Pat Buchanan:

Pat Buchanan's 'Whose War?' article (also from the American Conservative magazine) is a MUST READ as well (if you would like to know more about the JINSA/PNAC Neocons who have hijacked the Bush regime's Middle East policy for their Israel firster agenda):

Iraq is not worth the life of a single British private by Frank Johnson

The Conservative leadership, like Mr Blair, has become too much embroiled with the Republican Right and the American neoconservatives to do otherwise; they are the victims of too many ‘Atlanticist think tanks’.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bush is No Imbecile: He's a Traitor by Dr./Colonel Robert Bowman (USAF-ret)

Retired Air Force Colonel and decorated Vietnam combat aviator Dr. Robert Bowman tells the Baltimore Chronicle why Junior W. Bush is a literal traitor to America and his Neo-Con war a pack of lies which repudiates everything the Old Republic and the American Constitution affirm.

Mark Dankof Book Review: All the Shah's Men by Stephen Kinzer

Mark Dankof's book review of Stephen Kinzer's classic, "All the Shah's Men," is re-posted by the fascinating Iranian site American conservatives unacquainted with Iran and its kaleidoscopic history are invited to visit this site and to enter a world of history, culture, geography, politics, and photography possessing eternal fascination and wonder. The Photo Gallery on the site is a gem in and of itself that should not be missed. Five Stars!

Neoconservatism Versus Libertarianism by Justin Raimondo

Ralph Nader shows some promise: he has started out his campaign by attacking Bush as a "messianic militarist," and calling for "a date certain" for a US withdrawal from Iraq, suggesting that we set a deadline of six months from now. This is derided by the "majors" as hopeless radicalism, and both Bush and Kerry denounced it as irresponsible, yet it is a stance taken by as much as half the voters, whose position goes unrepresented by either of the two parties.

A Neocon Gatecrashes VDARE by John Derbyshire

Paleoconservatives are, of course, conservatives. The thing you wish to conserve is this America, aloof from the Old World and all its tiresome millennial squabbles. No big fans of the "proposition nation" concept, you are inclined to think that the U.S. is what she is, with all her freedom, stability and prosperity, mainly because of her Anglo-Saxon heritage in law, customs, language and religion; and that the further removed from that cultural sphere a nation is, the more difficult it will be for immigrants from that nation to assimilate happily into American culture, and the more likely it is, if their numbers be very large, that they might actually change American society in unwelcome ways. Hence the immigration-restrictionist viewpoint.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Al Jazeera Page One April 27th: William Kristol and Jim Robinson are Neo-Con Frauds

On page one of its April 27th edition, Al Jazeera posts Mark Dankof's article on the panic of Bush pals William Kristol of The Weekly Standard, and Jim Robinson of, over the burgeoning quagmire in Iraq. The major Arab TV and print media outlet joins Breaking All the Rules, Pat Buchanan's The American Conservative,,, and the Presidential candidacy of Michael Peroutka ( as conduits of truth driving Corporate Media, the Israeli Lobby, and Bush-Cheney absolutely nuts.

White man's burden by Ari Shavit

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical

Monday, April 26, 2004

Who's Sorry Now? by Justin Raimondo

The neoconservative propagandists who tirelessly called for the invasion of Iraq, who agitated for it over a period of some 10 years, and echoed every lie promoted by the War Party, are now beginning to back away from their own horrific handiwork. Like rats deserting a sinking ship, they are trying to distance themselves from the bloodshed, the horror, the clear hatred of the Iraqis for their American "liberators" – oh no, they cry, we didn't mean this! We didn't mean for this to happen!

The Basic Flaw by Charley Reese

The basic flaw in the neoconservative ideology is that democracy cannot be imposed on other people at the point of a gun. Furthermore, if neoconservatives came from an American tradition rather than a Trotskyite tradition, they would understand that America itself is not a democracy.

State, Defense clashes not new to Washington by Jim Anderson

Perle and other neocons such as Kenneth L. Adelman, a former head of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, fought the State Department on almost every arms reduction agreement with the Soviets. They later joined on the need to attack Iraq.

Iraqi instability offers Syria only temporary respite by Ashraf Fahim

The Bush administration is not given to equity in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and if Bush is reelected he may choose to tip the regional dominos once again. Whether Iraq's troubles are the beginning of the end for Syria's isolation, or merely the end of the beginning, is an open question.

With the June 30 Handover Approaching, Neocons Try To Sabotage UN Role in Iraq

UN reporter Ian Williams exposes how the neocons are trying to turn an Iraq scandal over the oil-for-food program into a reason why the UN should stay out of Iraq.

Whose Chaos Is This Anyway? by Mark LeVine

If we take seriously the statements and writings of Ledeen, Perle, Frum, Feith and Wolfowitz, the invasion and occupation of Iraq was supposed to create a domino effect that would weaken local states (or in their polite phrasing, "democratize" them), open their economies to "international" -- as in Iraq, to the neocons, this largely meant American -- capital ("establish market economies"), and at the same time lead to a much needed "reformation" or "modernization" of Islam (which meant putting in power "Muslims" who would feel at home in the Republican Party in Washington or the Likud Party in Israel).

Going Back Where They Came From by Patrick J. Buchanan

With the situation in Iraq deteriorating, the neocon agenda is to widen the war into Syria, Iran and perhaps Saudi Arabia, and convert it into "World War IV," the war of their dreams, a war of civilizations, an Armageddon, with America and Israel on one side and Islam on the other.

Things Fall Apart by GARY LEUPP

Surely these impassioned imperialists have contingency plans to insure that Iraq remains under U.S. control (notwithstanding the planned "transfer of sovereignty"), and that Iraq is able to serve as a springboard for further empire-building in the region.

Outsource the Neocons! by Taki

I propose that we outsource George Will, David Frum, and the rest of the neoconservative pack to India. There’s probably a sweatshop in Bombay that can churn out neocon drivel at a far brisker pace and for less than 50 cents an hour.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Bush's Pals at The Weekly Standard and Are Panicking by Mark Dankof

Neo-Con shills William Kristol of The Weekly Standard and Jim Robinson of are working overtime to help Bush conceal the quagmire in Iraq and the flag-draped American coffins which unveil the disaster of an American foreign policy led by Boy George, Ariel Sharon, and Israeli-controlled Neo-Cons in the National Security State of the United States. The news for Kristol and Robinson is crystal clear: they have been strip-searched and exposed as Bush-Cheney-Sharon media assets. Soon they will be running naked down the middle of the freeway at rush hour, heading for the nearest exit.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Conservative Support of Darth Vader and the Empire by Jacob Hornberger

Billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are regularly sucked out of people’s pockets to fund the empire, with no end in sight, especially given the black hole of expenses now arising from the most recent imperial conquest, Iraq.

The Lessons of 9/11 by Ron Paul

Everyone on the Commission assumes that 9/11 resulted from a lack of government action. No one in Washington has raised the question of whether our shortcomings, brought to light by 9/11, could have been a result of too much government.

Locked On Course to Wider War by Paul Craig Roberts

With the public inattentive, there is no check on the agitation to escalate the Middle Eastern conflict. Prepare to sacrifice your sons to Christian fundamentalist delusion.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Bush Freedom Fighters Will Be Drafted

$28 million has been added to the 2004 Selective Service System (SSS) budget to prepare for a military draft that could start as early as June 15, 2005.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Constitution Party's Michael Peroutka Is The One in November 1994 by Mark Dankof

Pastor Dave Black of Dave Black On Line and Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest re-posts Mark Dankof's case to Ron Holland of Dixie Daily News as to why Southern Americans of Christian and Constitutional persuasion should throw George W. Bush overboard and wholeheartedly embrace the Davidic Presidential challenge of Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party.

The 19 Dumbest Statements of the Past Week

They're worse than merely dumb - they're as vicious as the worst plague to ever strike mankind.

A winning strategy for Bush by Timothy Noah

The neocons have lately been complaining about the Bush administration's conduct of that war . . . Neocons Robert Kagan and William Kristol make the "too few troops" argument in the April 26 Weekly Standard and call on Rumsfeld to resign. Good idea. But dumping Cheney is a better one, for three reasons:

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Neo-Crazy Coup d'Etat by Gordon Prather

Perhaps you haven't noticed – certainly the neo-crazies hope you haven't – but we have just experienced a coup d'etat.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Are Bush and the Neo-Cons Finished? by Regis T. Sabol

Now, with the publication of Bob Woodward’s Plan of Attack, the Bush Regime has run out of excuses and run out of lies. Why? Because Woodward wrote his book with the full cooperation of the White House and Bush, himself. Bush and his gang of ideological neoconservative bunglers have hanged themselves with their own words.

Plan of Attack by Justin Raimondo

Bob Woodward says the neocons set up a 'separate government' – but to what purpose?

An American Caesar by Paul Craig Roberts

Intentionally or stupidly, President Bush and his neocon overlords are on track for igniting general conflagration in the Middle East.

Neo-Cons, Fundies, Feddies, and Con-Artists by Francis A. Boyle

At the behest of its Straussian Neo-Con Political Science Department, in 1979 the entire University of Chicago went out of its way to grant the "first Albert Pick Jr. Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Understanding" to Robert "Mad Bomber" McNamara.

The neocon conundrum by James P. Pinkerton

So what do the neocons do now? Their optimistic vision of Iraq as the first domino to fall in their favor may have failed, but they are never at a loss for words. So they have a new line. Instead of offering us carrots, they're threatening us with sticks. OK, they seem to be saying, there's not much upside, but look at the downside.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

George W. Bush: Neocon Napoleon by Justin Raimondo

The President stumbled through most of the Q&A, but there was one point where he waxed passionate, and became momentarily articulate, as if possessed by some neocon demon speaking through presidential lips:

The "Central Hand" of the Resistance by Kurt Nimmo

Blame Donald Rumsfeld or George Bush. Certainly blame the traitorous neocons and their criminal institutions. Blame them for conspiring to ruin a country and kill thousands of innocent people. Blame them for throwing Keith Maupin in harm's way.

Neocons v. Brahimi

The neoconservatives and their trained pet, Ahmad Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress, are much distressed about the growing role of the United Nations in Iraq. They needn't be. So far, there is no sign that President Bush plans to accede to UN control of Iraq, and short of that it's not likely the UN will do much.

US Iran Policy by Sasan Fayazmanesh and Foaad Khosmood

Bush finds UN relevant, after all by James P. Pinkerton

In the minds of these neocons, the United Nations is a hotbed of anti-American and anti-Israeli feeling. And, of course, they're not entirely wrong.

Running With the President - The Neoconservative Influence by Rod D. Adams

“Neos are preferable to liberals because neos are proud of America and her accomplishments. They are not afraid of wielding American might to compel the world to have a healthy respect for us.” He notes with approval, “Neoconservatives are running the show now.”

National Radio Host Michael Savage Calls For Newspaper Editors to be Arrested For Sedition by Paul Joseph Watson

Oily beatnik Neo-Con radio host Michael Savage, who has previously and repeatedly called for anyone who criticizes the government to be put in concentration camps, has now advocated the arrest of US newspaper editors.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Al Jazeera: The American Right is Now in Dissent by Mark Dankof

Al Jazeera notes Mark Dankof's observations regarding the American Right's awakening on Bush, Sharon, Neo-Cons, and an impending renewal of military conscription in the United States.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Body Count Game

When this whole mess is over, I'm sure we can expect more of the same. With half of Mesopotamia turned to glass, we will build a sunken wall to our boys and give an Oscar to the first director with enough balls to do Saving Private Lynch.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

How I Was Fired By Bill Buckley by Joseph Sobran

Sobran's piece about Podhoretz's Zionist machinations and William Buckley's cowardice.

Your history of folly in our region by Mohammad Eskandari

Further evidence of this conceit can be seen in the escalating efforts of the Bush administration and the neo-conservatives to push through their Greater Middle East initiative. The people of our region now associate the term "democracy" with western greed for oil and incessant interventions in our internal affairs.

30,000 American Dead in Iraq....Noooo Problem!!! by Ron Unz

The central claim of the piece is Kaplan’s somewhat counter-intuitive conclusion that our citizenry would gladly accept losing 30,000 American dead in Iraq if such losses were required to achieve neocon strategic objectives.

Will the Draft Become the Most Important Issue in 2005? by Dr. David Alan Black

Dr. David Black of Dave Black On-Line and Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest joins Lutheran pastor Mark Dankof in affirming the Constitution Party's stance against a compulsory draft and the ominous bills in Congress that suggest a renewal of general conscription after the fall elections. It will be up to Presidential candidate Michael Peroutka to press the anti-war, anti-draft case from a Biblical, Constitutional perspective on the Right.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mark Dankof's Night Thoughts on Good Friday

Evangelical Lutheran pastor and paleo-con Mark Dankof pens Good Friday thoughts to the Real American Right about War, Empire, and the Draft, arguing that the historic American Right must thoroughly and publicly oppose George Bush, the Neo-Cons, and the Republican Party on all three counts.

The War on Terror Misfired – Blame It All on the Neocons by David Clark

The neocons are loud in their denunciations of anyone who argues that an attempt to reduce the popular resentments that inflame Muslim opinion must be an integral part of any successful counter-terrorism campaign. To even suggest it is a "reward for terror" and an act of "appeasement." But the obligatory references to the 1930s and the neocons' obsession with Churchill illustrate how profoundly they have misconceived the nature of the threat.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Neoconservatives Try To Suggest That Sadr Uprising Is 'Made In Teheran'

"Neoconservatives Try To Suggest That Sadr Uprising Is 'Made In Teheran': Despite the growing number of reports that depict the past week's uprising by the radical Shia cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, and his Mahdi Army as a spontaneous and indigenous revolt, some influential U.S. neoconservatives are insisting that Iran is behind it." read now

Constitution Party Opposes War by Suzanne Brownlow

Constitution Party opposes war


I'm writing about Karen Zacharias' opinion column, "A swing voter's plea: Get them out of Iraq, and soon" (March 25). She needn't vote Democratic because she disagrees with President Bush's war policy. She can go to the Constitution Party ( and support Michael Peroutka or another Constitution Party candidate.

The Constitution Party has the conservative values of life, liberty and limited government. We also see Bush's pre-emptive war against Iraq as frivolous and dangerous.

War as a response to an attack is justified on the basis of simple self-defense. Pre-emptive war requires that material or information that justifies the war be provided beforehand or that it be uncovered during the course of war.

War without justification validates the charges of those voices around the world that are labeling the United States a war monger and bully.

by SUZANNE BROWNLOW Communications Director
Constitution Party of Oregon
Clackamas, OR

"Today's Special: Chicken Hawk w. Side of Condi Rice" by Douglas O'Rourke

Compared to this Old Time Neocon Traveling Revival Tent Show now playing in Iraq, Vietnam was a walk in the sun.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Moqtada al-Sadr: the Latest Neocon Excuse to Kill Iranians by Kurt Nimmo

Sharon, the rabid Likudites, and the Bush neocons are racists who hate Arabs and Iranians. They can't wait to start World War IV -- World War III, according to the neocons, was the Cold War (these guys love back-to-back wars and mass murder) -- and turn the Middle East into one huge killing field in the name of Greater Israel.

Bush administration/neocons believe Iran is aiding Iraqi militias by Bryan Bender

US intelligence officials said they are also looking at possible links between the Shi'ite militias and Hezbollah, which has attacked Israeli forces from southern Lebanon.

If it’s war you want, vote Kerry by John Laughland

Serious neocons, indeed, might be calculating that the bungling Bush is now more of a liability than an asset for their desire to remodel the Middle East, and to consolidate America’s unchallenged military power in the world. Kerry might be just what they need, in order to draw the sting of that left-wing anti-Americanism around the world, and in the US itself, which inspires so much antiwar feeling today.

Neocons: Learning Disabled by Charley Reese

Ideologues are dangerous, whether their ideology is the neoconservative variety, Zionism, communism or Islamic extremism. Their minds all work the same way: We know the answers; don't try to confuse us with facts.

Neocons See Iran Behind Shi'ite Uprising by Jim Lobe

Some neo-conservatives have seized on Sadr's uprising as a new opportunity both to raise tensions against Iran and to divert attention from Washington's bungling of relations with the Shia community in Iraq.

Bush Neocons-Clueless On Iraq

The idea of actually addressing the Iraqi's grievances doesn't cross their minds. Of course, addressing their grievances would likely involve leaving Iraq and these power-tripping wannabee emperors don't have that on their agendas at all. No, their still in flight-suit cowboy mode.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Dear Mr. President: Step Down by Douglas Herman

The secret agendas of the Neocons--Oil, empire and Israel--now lie fully exposed and call into question their divided loyalties.

Are Ralph Nader and Michael Peroutka in Cahoots to Dump Bush and the Neo-Cons? by a Green/Nader operative in Portland

An anonymous source claiming to be connected to Ralphie and the Greens in Portland, Oregon leaks advice to the pro-Nader Left: Know anti-Bush folks who won't vote for Ralph? Siphon votes from King George by telling them about Michael Peroutka and the Constitution Party in key battleground states.

Expert traces current U.S. struggles to unilateralist world view by TAKASHI KITAZUME

"In many ways it reflects the idealism of the neoconservatives. They have an almost religious view about democracy, and they were so convinced that it is so universally valuable that everybody would embrace it".

Neoconservative Applauds White Despoliation In South Africa by Sam Francis

The South African government has just given Mr. Boot a grand tour, and he faithfully reports what he was told in articles in the Los Angeles Times and the neo-conservative Weekly Standard. If his adventures in fantasy prove much of anything, they show why we need to ignore whatever neo-conservatives tell us.

The Ugly Truth by Justin Raimondo

The idea is to apply "shock and awe" not only as a military tactic but generalized into a larger regional strategy. For the neocon crowd, Iraq is just the beginning, the first in a series of future wars stretching off into an illimitable distance.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Canadian Ad Crusader Condemned For Saying Neocons Are Jews - Stephen Sniegoski

The point is simply that the neocons seem to have a special affinity for Israel that influences their political thinking and consequently American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Still Dreaming of Tehran: Iran now on neocon/Likudnik cross-hairs by Robert Dreyfuss & Laura Rozen

In a way, the neocons' Iran project is very similar to the early phase of their Iraq one. It includes a steady drumbeat of threats and warnings, Washington lobbying, a media offensive and support for exile groups--in Iran's case a mishmash that combines supporters of Khomeini's grandson; Reza Pahlavi, the son of the fallen Shah, and the Iranian monarchists; and the Mujaheddin e-Khalq (MEK), a 3,800-strong exile force based in Iraq.

Fun With Dick and George by Douglas O'Rourke

The cowardly, cynical Neocons who sent these 600 brave kids to die for the imaginary Iraqi A-Bomb should all be made to copy "The Charge of the Light Brigade" on the blackboard ten thousand times after they get out of jail.

Getting Us Out by Robert Dreyfuss

The neocons, though weakened, are still calling the shots. Any chance that Bush will break with the war party on his own is zero. Here’s why: First, Bush is notorious for thinking in black and white terms, eliminating the possibility that he could consider a more complex solution to the quagmire in Iraq.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

US Neo-Cons: From Nation-Building to Religion-Building by JIM LOBE

Like many of his fellow-neo-conservatives, Pipes has also been an outspoken supporter of positions taken by the governing Likud Party in Israel, to the extent even of opposing the U.S.-backed ''road map'' designed to lead to an independent Palestinian state.

Wilson's Destiny, Parts I & II, by Byron King

No one can truly understand the issues of the modern era without knowledge of the man who mid-wifed it into existence. It is not too much to say that the 20th Century was Wilson's Century, and that we live in Wilson's World. [Published 4/6/2004 & 4/7/2004]

Kurt Nimmo on Bush, Empire, and the 2004 Election

Another Day in the Empire: Life in Neoconservative America" (with an intro by Jeffrey St. Clair) is required reading this election year (Dandelion Books). For more on Kurt Nimmo, visit:

The Mystery of Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” by Andrew I. Killgore

The neocon think tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC) lived—dare we guess that it still does?—in an ideological “other world.” PNAC ideology mandated that there had to be a change of regime in Iraq—which meant that a reason had to be found to attack Saddam Hussain. In the end, the neocons fabricated the WMD myth.

Muqtada pushes Bush to the brink by Jim Lobe

"Iran is embarked on a concerned, clever and lavishly resourced campaign to defeat any effort to create a genuine pluralist democracy in Iraq, and we've been sitting back," he said in what has become a growing refrain among neo-conservatives and administration officials who blame Tehran for the coalition's growing problems among the Shi'ites.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Whose interests are furthered by the neocons, America's or Israel's? by Kalle Lasn

The point is simply that the neocons seem to have a special affinity for Israel that influences their political thinking and consequently American foreign policy in the Middle East . . . What they all share is the view that the US is a benevolent hyper power that must protect itself by reshaping the rest of the world into its morally superior image. And half of the them are Jewish.

The war on terror misfired. Blame it all on the neocons by David Clark

The neocons are loud in their denunciations of anyone who argues that an attempt to reduce the popular resentments that inflame Muslim opinion must be an integral part of any successful counter-terrorism campaign.

The Anti-Empire Report by WILLIAM BLUM

"Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us?" Philip Zelikow asked a crowd at the University of Virginia on Sep. 10, 2002. "I'll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 -- it's the threat against Israel.

The roses of Iraq by Geov Parrish

Bush's neocons have been anxious to privatize any and all of the over 200 state-run agencies and companies that administered Iraq under Saddam -- one reason why U.S. forces allowed all but the Oil Ministry to be looted and burned in the days after Baghdad's fall. The unsettling question left to us by the past week's events in Iraq: if the Shiites hate us and the Sunnis hate us, who else is left?

Intelligence Failure or Arrogant Imperialism? by Thomas DiLorenzo

All those foreign policy political junkies at AEI, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Claremont Institute and other warmongering neocon outposts had to understand this.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Far left - far right

Neocons have much in common with communists - both love big government. Paleocons love small government, as do many libertarians. If communists represent the far left, who represents the far right?

The Things Neocons Didn’t Know About Iraq by Richard H. Curtiss

Strangely, apparently none of these neoconservatives knows anything at all about the Middle East, and certainly not about Iraq . . . Nor apparently had Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, former Defense Board member Richard Perle, nor Deputy Assistant Secretary Douglas Feith, to mention just a few.

The neocons have been making mischief for more than 100 years by Frank Johnson

The neoconservatives and the Republican Right will then accuse Mr Bush of not staying the course. But no president will take their advice again. Their war has given the United States, as Kipling said of the Boer war, ‘no end of a lesson’.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

A New Barmen Declaration for Evangelicals? by Mark Dankof

Lutheran pastor and American paleo-con Mark Dankof reviews the history of the Confessing Church in Germany and its Barmen Declaration of 1934, a statement underscoring the primacy of Holy Scripture and Jesus Christ in opposition to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement of the day. The re-examination of the witness of Barth, Bonhoeffer, Niemoller, and others in opposition to the Nazis serves as a warning and primer to present-day American Evangelicals too cozy with the Bush-Cheney regime, the goals of the Project of the New American Century (PNAC) cabal, and the American Empire's quest for global deification.

Friday, April 02, 2004

The Lesson of Fallujah by Lee Harris

Fallujah should spell the end of the neo-conservative fantasy that all human beings want the same things. It should awake the Bush administration from its dream that what the Arab street really needs is democracy.

Long Live NATO by Tom Barry

NATO expansion cannot be written off as a neocon conspiracy. But neither should one assume that the neoconservatives are so dismissive of the “appeasers” in Europe and so preoccupied with the Middle East (and especially the security of Israel) that they don’t have a grand strategy for a restructured Europe.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Neocons Are Biblically Grounded by Robert L. Johnson

The neocon/Straussian idea of basing society on the Hebrew Bible is working amazingly well.