Monday, April 12, 2004

Constitution Party Opposes War by Suzanne Brownlow

Constitution Party opposes war


I'm writing about Karen Zacharias' opinion column, "A swing voter's plea: Get them out of Iraq, and soon" (March 25). She needn't vote Democratic because she disagrees with President Bush's war policy. She can go to the Constitution Party ( and support Michael Peroutka or another Constitution Party candidate.

The Constitution Party has the conservative values of life, liberty and limited government. We also see Bush's pre-emptive war against Iraq as frivolous and dangerous.

War as a response to an attack is justified on the basis of simple self-defense. Pre-emptive war requires that material or information that justifies the war be provided beforehand or that it be uncovered during the course of war.

War without justification validates the charges of those voices around the world that are labeling the United States a war monger and bully.

by SUZANNE BROWNLOW Communications Director
Constitution Party of Oregon
Clackamas, OR

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