Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Who is Michael Ledeen? by William O. Beeman

Ledeen has become the driving philosophical force behind the neoconservative movement and the military actions it has spawned. His 1996 book, "Freedom Betrayed; How the United States Led a Global Democratic Revolution, Won the Cold War, and Walked Away," reveals the basic neoconservative obsession: the United States never "won" the Cold War; the Soviet Union collapsed of its own weight without a shot being fired.

Monday, August 30, 2004

The Mark Dankof Interview by Frank Whalen of Republic Broadcasting Network

Frank Whalen's world-wide Republic Broadcasting Network interviewed Mark Dankof of SARTRE's BATR on Tuesday, August 17. In a 2 1/2 hour conversation with call-in questions submitted live, Pastor Dankof discussed a wide range of topics including the New World Order, the Israeli lobby, the bankruptcy of the two major American political parties, the coming war with Iran, the reestablishment of a universal military draft after the November elections, and the candidacy of Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Peroutka. The interview may be accessed in hours 2, 3, and 4 of the link provided, or through the individually segmented Internet URL links below:




Behind the Israeli Mole by Webster Griffin Tarpley

Whatever forces are behind the naming of Franklin, it must be assumed that their main aim is to break up neocon preparations for a surprise attack on Iran, which the neocons have been boasting about in the media with special emphasis for some weeks. Backing the Franklin probe may well be military factions who have no desire to be fed into the Iranian meatgrinder, and who not fancy neocon fascist dictatorship. The immediate goal would be to knock Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Rice, Abrams and their cheering section in the media and think-tanks onto the defensive. While the exposure of Franklin is a positive step, it is far from decisive, and the neocons are still in a position to unleash the dogs of war over the next days and weeks.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

This latest Israeli spy story makes no sense

This latest Israeli spy story makes no sense, and may be part of a set up to protect the real traitors.

Suspected Israeli Spy in Pentagon: First the Leak, Then the Fallout

Without being spelled out, the implication has been planted that, 19 years after the Jonathan Pollard affair, Israel is still running moles to dig out American secrets in order to manipulate US policies for its own rather than American interests.

If Franklin is proved beyond doubt to have been an Israeli spy and the two AIPAC employees, his contacts for transferring secrets to Israel, Sharon will automatically come under a cloud, inferentially accused of harking back to his old ways. All this innuendo will cause Israel incalculable damage in the United States, even before the FBI establishes whether or not it has a case.

'Alone' indicts neocons, Bush by Stanley I. Kutler

The neocons have masked themselves as the true keepers of the Reagan flame, but Halper and Clarke will have none of that. The neocons, they bluntly charge, have "falsified history" and have inflicted a "historical mugging" on Reagan.

The Lie Factory by Robert Dreyfuss and Jason Vest

Called in to help organize the Iraq war-planning team was a longtime Pentagon official, Harold Rhode, a specialist on Islam who speaks Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi. Though Feith would not be officially confirmed until July 2001, career military and civilian officials in NESA began to watch his office with concern after Rhode set up shop in Feith's office in early January. Rhode, seen by many veteran staffers as an ideological gadfly, was officially assigned to the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, an in-house Pentagon think tank headed by fellow neocon Andrew Marshall. Rhode helped Feith lay down the law about the department's new anti-Iraq, and broadly anti-Arab, orientation.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Neocon Musings by GARY LEUPP

So let us try to get into the mind of the neocon. Let us just imagine Let's say you're a Straussian ideologue assessing the current status of the broad plan that Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser drew up for the Likud government in Israel ten years ago. (That's the game plan involving "removing Saddam Hussein from power," "rolling back" Syria, and "confronting" Iran. It echoes in the September 2000 "Rebuilding America's Defenses" report from the neocon Project for a New American Century, which refers to defense of "the homeland," conflates Iraq, Iran and North Korea as threats to that homeland, calls for a shift in U.S. forces from west to southeastern Europe and southeast Asia and otherwise anticipates Bush policy.)

The FBI investigation

An official who is the most likely target of the FBI investigation into who allegedly passed intelligence on deliberations on US foreign policy to Iran to officials with the pro-Israeli lobby group, AIPAC, and to the Israelis, as alleged by the CBS report. That individual is Larry Franklin, a veteran DIA Iran analyst seconded to Feith’s office.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Israeli spy said operating in the Pentagon by Nathan Guttman

The report says the suspected mole is a senior analyst who works in the bureau of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The person is also said to be closely associated with two senior Pentagon officials who are Jewish, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith.

CBS reported that the mole, whom it described as a “trusted analyst of the Pentagon,” had last year passed on “secret White House deliberation on Iran.”

The FBI has notified Rumsfeld about the investigation and asked AIPAC to provide it with information about the two representatives suspected of involvement.

An 'October Surprise'? : Neocons have Iran in their sights by William Pfaff

A prominent theme of neoconservative publicists and organizations in Washington. The neoconservative godfather Norman Podhoretz put it suggestively in an interview last week: "I am not advocating the invasion of Iran at this moment, although. ..." Another moment will undoubtedly be along soon.

Israel has an interest in promoting, if not exaggerating, Iran's supposed strategic threat to the United States. Iran already threatens Israel's interest in remaining the unchallenged military power of the region.

Happy Homecoming by Christopher Manion

Look, the neocons might not like being called duplicitous or Trotskyites or Straussians or pointy-headed intellectuals, but they share one core belief that is fundamental to all those adjectives, and more: they don’t believe in truth.


Unless otherwise noted, the sources for this timeline come from the following: “A Pretext for War,” (Doubleday) by James Bamford; “Plan of Attack,” (Simon & Schuster) by Bob Woodward; “Rise of the Vulcans,” (Viking) by James Mann; “Against All Enemies,” (Free Press, Simon & Schuster) by Richard Clarke; “The 9/11 Commission Report,” by The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks against the United States; and “The Path to War,” an article that appeared in the May 2004 issue of Vanity Fair.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Coalition of the Coerced by Eric S. Margolis

Originally trumpeted by the Bush administration as the Coalition of the Willing, the grab-bag of military contingents dispatched at enormous U.S. expense was widely viewed across the world as a fig leaf to cover naked Anglo-American aggression against Iraq.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

US neocons breaking ranks by David D. Kirkpatrick

Mr Fukuyama said, he retained his neoconservative principles - a belief in the universal aspiration for democracy and the use of American power to spread democracy in the world.

Mr Krauthammer, for his part, argued that Mr Fukuyama's essay did not amount to much of a critique at all.

'His recalibrations are astonishingly empty,' he said, arguing that Mr Fukuyama's criticisms were undercut by his ultimate endorsement of the same neoconservative views.

The Neocon Civil War by Justin Raimondo

The neoconservative movement is not at all a mass phenomenon, and is entirely oriented to the elites in government, the media, and academia.

The neocons are down, but they are far from out. Anyone who believes they'll be driven from power by the outcome of the 2004 election is unfamiliar with their modus operandi.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement by Kevin MacDonald

The thesis presented here is that neoconservatism is indeed a Jewish intellectual and political movement.

When Richard Perle authors a report for an Israeli think tank; is on the board of directors of an Israeli newspaper; maintains close personal ties with prominent Israelis, especially those associated with the Likud Party; has worked for an Israeli defense company; and, according to credible reports, was discovered by the FBI passing classified information to Israel—when, despite all of this, he is a central figure in the network of those pushing for wars to rearrange the entire politics of the Middle East in Israel’s favor, and with nary a soul having the courage to mention the obvious overriding Jewish loyalty apparent in Perle’s actions, that is indeed a breathtaking display of power.

Neocon Perfidy by Paul Craig Roberts

Having experienced the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, do Americans wish they had elected Patrick J. Buchanan president?

Was Buchanan America’s last chance to put a true patriot in the Oval Office?

America was meant to cultivate its own garden, to steer clear of foreign entanglements and permanent alliances, and to serve as an example to others. Instead, the US has become a "democratic imperialist."

Monday, August 23, 2004

Buchanan Against the Empire by Justin Raimondo

To the neocons, the interests of America and Israel cannot – must not – ever diverge, and with Feith and Wurmser ensconced in the highest echelons of the U.S. Government, they are now in a position to implement their views, and they have been doing so – with horrific results. Buchanan, for his part, asks if we really want to make war on a billion-plus Muslims worldwide. Are Arabs to be our bitter enemies in a "civilizational" war to the death?

Empire of the 21st century by Eric Margolis

[T]he U.S. will open new bases in Bulgaria and Romania as part of America's new "imperial lifeline." They will be linked to new U.S. bases being built across Central Asia, Pakistan, Iraq and the Gulf, designed to cement Washington's hold on the Muslim world and its natural resources.

America's Next War? by Pat Buchanan

Having seen how America dealt summarily with Iraq, but proceeds gingerly with North Korea, Tehran has likely concluded that when a superpower is threatening pre-emptive strikes and preventive war, only nuclear weapons can deter it. Those who do not have such deterrents get the Saddam and Taliban treatment.

Like War? by Paul Craig Roberts

Bush and Rumsfeld claim that they believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Yet, it is certain that the Joint Chiefs and commanding generals did not believe the falsehood. No general, no matter how incompetent, would have concentrated his invasion army in a small area adjacent to an enemy armed with WMD, when one weapon could wipe out the entire US invasion force.

Sunday, August 22, 2004



“Kristol’s warning that neoconservatives could go to Kerry was an admission of what many have long recognized. The neoconservatives are not really conservatives at all. They are impostors and opportunists.” (250)

“[L]istening to the neoconservatives, Bush invaded Iraq, united the Arab world against us, isolated us from Europe, and fulfilled to the letter bin Laden’s prophecy as to what we were about. We won the war in three weeks -- and we may have lost the Islamic world for a generation. (84)

“Alongside the Gingrich Republicans, Bill Clinton was Bob Taft.” (191)

“How did it happen that a republic born of a rebellion against a king and parliament we did not elect has fallen under a tyranny of judges we did not elect? How did we come to live under what Jefferson warned us would be ‘the despotism of an oligarchy’?” (217)

George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: Ties That Bind by Glen Yeadon

This article will begin to outline the fascist connections between the present Bush administration and the Nazis, using a two-prong approach. The philosophical roots of Bush and the neocons can be traced back to one of America's notorious fascist.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Making the U.S. Safer for Opium Dealers, Terrorists and Neocons by William Hughes

What, I wondered, have the reckless, Islam-bashing, oil-and-natural-gas deposits-pursuing, Israel-protecting, imperial politicking of Bush and Cheney, and their immediate GOP predecessors in the White House, made America really safer for? It occurs to me they've made America safer for opium dealers, terrorists and the warmongering Neocons.

Friday, August 20, 2004

The Rising Evangelical Foreign Policy of the United States by Adam Wolfe

On the issue of U.S. unilateralism, neo-conservatives and evangelical Christians have found their interests aligned, but the two camps often find themselves in opposing corners on how to set the priorities for this use of power. They are in agreement on their unwavering protection of Israel, but neo-conservatives tend to push for the use of military force to counter rising threats to U.S. power and the global economy, while evangelicals push for military force to counter religious persecution and to counter sex trafficking.

Bush Or Kerry - Our Straussian Future Is Cinched by Kurt Nimmo

Israel and America are now perceived as one country. And the neocons seem to agree.

Bush or Kerry, take your pick. Either way Iran will be invaded---or brutally sanctioned in Clintonian fashion, a sort of softening up---come hell or neocon high-water. Kerry is a proudly declared Zionist and Bush a fanatical Christian Zionist. Next year will realize a military draft---indentured servitude, slavery, call it what it is---and thousands will serve the Straussian Master Plan as bullet-stoppers and cannon fodder on the road to Tehran and Damascus. Is it possible the American people will one day wake up and refuse to participate?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Najaf Passion Play by James Pinkerton

Yup, the celebrated neoconservatives, the brainiacs who dreamt up "Operation Iraqi Freedom," are now bringing forth a Clash of Civilizations that multi-cultural America--with its open borders, its dependence upon trade, its unwillingness to sustain heavy casualties-is ill-prepared to fight, let alone win. Fortunately, some indicators suggest that the eggheads who got us into this mess won't necessarily be trusted to clean it up.

Dominion & Deception by Gillian Norman

The new elite that slipped from the shadows to direct the Bush administration foreign policy are neoconservatives, or neocons, who have formed an unprecedented right-wing alliance of former leftists and liberals. Their ideology is paradoxical, spawned in that fetid breeding ground where right meets left, producing a hybrid offspring that resembles a power-hungry, pro-Zionist mutation of Trotsky’s ideas on permanent revolution. This new elite now openly promotes a glorious vision of American supremacy based on a messianic ideology that exalts American culture as superior in every way to the cultures of other nations.

Puppet Master - Jihad Al Khazen Al-Hayat

Ayatollah Khamenei accused President George Bush of eradicating the race, and Israeli of being a gang of criminals; but these attacks will not deter America and Israel, as behind the campaign against Iran, there is the same neo-conservatives cabal that worked for the war on Iraq, which resulted in the killing of 1,000 American and British soldiers so far, for the sake of Israel, considering that the blood of thousands of Iraqis does not matter to them.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Catholic Zionists? by Christopher A. Ferrara

An article by Jason Vest in The Nation discusses “the immense power of individuals from two major neoconservative research organizations, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the Center for Security Policy (CSP), in the current Bush Administration. Vest details the close links between these organizations, right-wing politicians, arms merchants, military men, Jewish multi-millionaires/billionaires, and Republican administrations.”[1]/ That’s the leftist The Nation magazine, not some “anti-Semitic” publication of the Far Right.

The fantasy that the Jews can establish an earthly kingdom on a piece of land taken by force from their fellow men is seen as a rebellion against divine authority even by Orthodox Jews in their reading of the Old Testament. This is why some of the strongest opposition to Zionism, from the nineteenth century to the present day, has come from Orthodox rabbinic leadership.

The spies who pushed for war by Julian Borger

"None of the Israelis who came were cleared into the Pentagon through normal channels," said one source familiar with the visits. Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feith's authority without having to fill in the usual forms.

The exchange of information continued a long-standing relationship Mr Feith and other Washington neo-conservatives had with Israel's Likud party.

Gods of War, Gods of Greed and Profiteers of Misery by Manuel Valenzuela

The neocon/Likud, MIC and Leviathan cabal’s Pearl Harbor was a godsend from above, manna from heaven blessed by the gods of war and greed, the exact instrument the group of profit, greed and warmongers had been seeking for years.

War is opportunity, wealth and power, destroying a nation only to rebuild it once more, helping to enrich your donors, contributors and even family in the process. War has been glamorized, enemies are dissected, deaths are whitewashed and images of war ignored. We are the good guys, the land of freedom and democracy, even if we kill tens of thousands, invade innocent lands and pilfer foreign resources.

The best analysis of the American Imperium – ever by Justin Raimondo

As neoconservative intellectuals openly proclaim the glories of the American Empire and celebrate the coming of a "benevolent world hegemony." Garrett foresaw the emergence of Imperial America in all its aspects – and he named and numbered them, the six signs of empire:

The dominance of the executive branch, the subordination of domestic policy to foreign policy, the ascendancy of the military mind, "a system of satellite nations," "an emotional complex of vaunting and fear," and the tyranny of imagined necessity.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Neo-con ideology, not Big Oil, pushed for war by Jim Lobe

To Halper and Clarke, the neo-conservative world view revolves around three basic themes: that "the human condition is defined as a choice between good and evil"; that military power and the willingness to use it are the fundamental determinants in relations between states; and that the Middle East and "global Islam" should be the primary focus in US foreign policy.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


"THE NEOCONSERVATIVE MOMENT" BY FRANCIS FUKUYAMA is an important new essay in the latest edition of The National Interest. The link only provides an excerpt -- but a subscription to this magazine is a cheap price to pay to read what may be the beginnings of a civil war among neoconservatives.

Part of the Bushcon Plan for Total War

Kristol, as the Michael Corleone of the Bushcons (the characterization is attributed to David Corn), wants to stoke the fires of jihad because religious war is at the heart of the Straussian neocon Master Plan—a “clash of civilizations” designed to “reshape” the Middle East, that is to provide an excuse to invade and conquer not only Iraq but Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and lesser Arab nations.

Kristol and Woolsey are on the side of the Likudites in Israel and the stockholders over at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, where the neocons are heavily invested (it’s no secret 32 major administration appointees are former executives with, consultants for, or significant shareholders of top death merchant corporations).

America's most famous THINKER by Bryan Appleyard

The true philosopher, therefore, would not necessarily tell the truth. For the benefit of the people, he would support their false but beneficial beliefs in the name of defending liberal democracy. This concept of systematic deception has returned to haunt the neocons.

Fukuyama is now professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins University in Washington. But though he has become an Establishment figure, the realism he learnt at Rand and the State Department has led to a deep schism between America's most famous thinker and his neocon friends in the Bush administration.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hijacking Catastrophe

"Goes beyond simple Bush-bashing to paint a horrifying portrait of organized U.S. imperialist expansion." - Variety
Hijacking Catastrophe is powerful, understated, straightforward and educational. In a single meticulously organized hour of evidence and analysis, viewers are treated to a thoughtful explanation of modern American empire, neo-conservatism as a driving force for the current Bush administration, and something I have not seen before, a real economic analysis of what is driving some of our current "global war on terror." - Karen Kwiatkowski
Order the video (DVD or VHS) for $19.95.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Michael Peroutka in Chronicles Magazine by Tom Piatek

Michael A. Peroutka in Chronicles Magazine

August 12, 2004

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Michael Peroutka may provide an alternative for conservations who are disenchanted with the prospect of choosing between George W. Bush and John Kerry this fall.
Bush has focused most of his energies on an unnecessary and calamitous war and has warmly embraced every tenet of neoconservatism, from expanding the size and scope of the federal government to promoting a guest-worker scheme that would effectively abolish our borders and impoverish the American middle class. Kerry is an unreconstructed leftist who, though willing to criticize Bush over Iraq, is unwilling to withdraw American troops.

Peroutka and his Constitution Party expect to be on the ballot in 40 states and hope to be on the ballot in one or two more. Peroutka is “trying to reach anyone who has come to the conclusion that there is something wrong in America,’ and he is running on the campaign themes of “God, Family, Republic.” He favors dramatically reducing the size and scope of the federal government and reining in what he terms “judicial tyranny.”

Peroutka describes Iraq as a “bloody mess” and considers the war “unconstitutional,” because it was launched without a declaration of war by Congress. He notes that the “Founders were very wary about giving the power of war and peace to one man” but believes that we have done just that, with Congress effectively ceding the power to declare war to the executive branch. Peroutka, citing the work of William Kristol’s Project for the New American Century, believes that the war in Iraq was a “war for empire” that was launched to establish a permanent U.S. military presence in the Middle East, even though this is not how it was sold to the public. Peroutka’s plan for Iraq is to “Get our troops out…as quickly and safely as possible.” Unlike many “mainstream” conservatives, Peroutka is unwilling to whitewash Abu Ghraib, where Americans have unfortunately done “horrible, denigrating, lawbreaking, immoral things.”

Peroutka also takes a clear position on immigration and trade. He thinks it “odd” that we are willing to send troops to the Middle East yet are unwilling to secure our borders. He suggests that such unwillingness to defend America’s national interests reveals something wrong with our political leadership and bluntly argues that it is “time for a President with an allegiance to the people of America.” Peroutka states that “illegal immigration is, in fact, illegal” and also favors reducing annual legal immigration to around 250,000 immigrants, a number he sees as more conducive to assimilation. He regards NAFTA and the World Trade Organization as “antithetical to American sovereignty” and argues that most Americans do not benefit from unrestricted trade with low-wage countries. Peroutka maintains that “All of our trade agreements should be based not on an internationalist agenda, but on American interests.”

Peroutka is strongly opposed to both abortion and “gay marriage.” However, unlike many conservatives, he does not favor a constitutional amendment to deal with either issue. Since the fundamental problem is one of the judiciary reading its values into the Constitution, amendments, even if they could be enacted (which is extremely unlikely) merely offer more words for judges to twist. Peroutka believes that the likely failure of any constitutional amendment restricting “gay marriage” will merely serve to legitimate the practice. Instead, he favors a more confrontational approach, declaring that “anticonstitutional court decisions are not binding.” Peroutka is also willing to consider legislation that strips courts of jurisdiction over certain issues, as outlined by Prof. William J. Quirk in the June issue of Chronicles (“The Fourth Choice: Ending the Reign of Activist Judges,” News).

It is, of course, virtually certain that either Bush of Kerry will win the White House. But if Peroutka does well-and especially if votes for Peroutka deny Bush a second term-politicians may begin paying attention to the issues he is raising.

Tom Piatak, Chronicles, August 2004 p. 8, 9

Reinventing the War Party by Justin Raimondo

The neocons are a stealthy bunch, and opportunistic to a fault: just as long as they could use George W. Bush they were glad enough to ride his coattails and surf the wave of irrationality and fear unleashed by 9/11. Now that it looks like, maybe, the "war President’ is going to be a one-termer, these rats are jumping ship – but not before taking a few bites out of their former patron. This, of course, is what being a true parasite is all about: if it doesn’t outright kill its host, then it does as much damage as it can before being forced out.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Neoconservatism, a Treacherous Hoax by James Owens

Not only treacherous in its brazen hijacking of the traditional “conservative” identity, the “neoconservative” movement has become a national-security threat as devastating in its potential harm to America as was the USSR nuclear arsenal of the “cold war” decades . . . Identity theft is a neocon tactic. The supreme treachery, however, is the neocon ultimate objective, its strategic design for America’s future, absolute statism at home and worldwide hegemony abroad.

What October Surprise? by Tom Engelhardt

While the Bush administration would consider almost any scenario that might advance their candidate's second-term fortunes, an October surprise is doubtful, considering these ten surprises they proved remarkably unprepared for.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Bush v. Kerry? Not Even a Dime's Worth of Difference by ALEXANDER COCKBURN

So Bush, a lousy president but ludicrously over-demonized, is bracketed by a Democratic candidate, Al Gore, who was calling for immediate war on Saddam back in 1999, flanked by all the neo-Cons who subsequently flocked to Bush, and by Kerry who now says he holds exactly the same position, rationalized by the same neo-Cons.

New neocon committee prepares for life in opposition by Hussein Ibish

Many traditional conservatives, foreign policy realists and other Republicans have become outspokenly critical of the neoconservative influence on Bush Administration policies and seem set to blame them for any defeat by Kerry.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Who 'Outed' Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan? by Justin Raimondo

The neocons worked overtime to divert American efforts away from Al Qaeda, and draw attention to Saddam Hussein.

Woodward further reports Colin Powell's complaint that the neoconservatives had effected a virtual coup d'etat, setting up "a separate government" that did an end-run around the State Department and the CIA and pushed us into war.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

My God! My Country Is Using Poison Gas In Iraq: We've Weaponized Uranium Gas by Bob Nichols

Instinctively racist in nature, the political decision makers, Bush and the NeoCons with a supporting crew of weak minded Democrats, decided that the Iraqi race had to go. It's an inescapable conclusion to any fair minded person contemplating the purposeful use of Four Million pounds of uranium on Iraq. That's cold blooded genocide.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Neo-Con, QED by Kersasp D. Shekhdar

So there we have it: these American 'neo-cons' are accomplished con-artists who would be war-crimes convicts in any rational world but are the new imperialist conquistadores in this one. Neo-Con, QED.

Talk Show Host Michael Medved Advocates Government Surveillance of 9/11 Skeptics

Neo-Con talk show host Michael Medved supports those who hand out Alex's videos being scrutinized by the secret service. He also says that anyone who questions whether the government were behind 9/11 be closely watched . . . This is the mindset that pervades modern day pro-government state propaganda.

Top neocon think tanks

Neoconservative think tanks, periodicals, and key documents.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Attacking Neo-Cons From the Right by Jim Lobe

Neoconservatives – their worldview, history, networks, strategic alliances, and their role in moving Washington to war in Iraq, as well as the dangerous consequences of their policy prescriptions – are the subject of America Alone: The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order (Cambridge University Press), by far the best study of the neoconservative movement and its relevance to Bush's "war on terror" in the flood of critical books that have poured forth in the aftermath of the Iraq War.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Bush's Own Gettysburg Demise is Coming: The State of Pennsylvania on November 2nd by Mark Dankof for Al Jazeerah (Aug 4)

August 4, 2004

The Miami Herald is to be credited with duly noting the political end of George W. Bush and his American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) sycophant, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). In its August 2nd edition, the paper underscores the significance of the victory of Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Peroutka, and his sidekick, Pennsylvania Constitution Party U. S. Senate candidate Jim Clymer (the National Chairman of the Party), in collecting the 36,000 signatures necessary in the state to assure the appearance of both on the November ballot. One correctly surmises that Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Senator Specter, and Karl Rove are having a sleepless night in reading these pivotal developments at http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/politics/9303504.htm

The implications are obvious to all except the controlled Corporate American media and its pals in the Israeli lobby in the United States. Pennsylvania is the state tapped by such experienced pols as Jeff Greenfield of ABC News as the key battleground state in deciding the ultimate outcome of an American Presidential race thought to be extremely close. And Mr. Bush made what will prove to be the political mistake of his career in following up on an ill-fated decision to launch a preemptive war against Iraq with another unwelcome intervention--overt meddling in the U. S. Senate Republican Primary in Pennsylvania this past spring by supporting Mr. Specter's re-nomination against conservative challenger Pat Toomey, a sitting Republican in the U. S. Congress who exposed Mr. Specter's actual Rockefeller Republican voting record on a variety of bill! s and issues--including the latter's support of the American abortion lobby across the board. Conservative Republicans who belong to evangelical Protestant Christian and Roman Catholic parishes across the state are not amused in the slightest. They are visibly angry with Bush, with Specter, with the Rockefeller Republican Establishment in bed with both men, and the grim prospects embodied by it all. The New York Times story the day after Bush's rescue of Mr. AIPAC in the Pennsylvania Republican Primary credited Planned Parenthood, the poster agency for abortion-on-demand in America, with providing the political and financial support necessary to insure Specter's re-nomination as the U. S. Senate candidate for a Bush-led Republican Party. This was the last straw for social conservatives in Pennsylvania, who felt both betrayed and disenfranchised. Recent in-house! Republican grumbling over a New York Republican National Convention controlled by David Rockefeller and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has only exacerbated the tensions felt by members of the Real Right in the Party who increasingly have been complaining that they have nowhere to turn in the November election to express their furious sense of having been had.

Until now. The addition of Michael Peroutka and Jim Clymer to the state ballot virtually guarantees the victory of Democrats John Kerry and Joe Hoeffel over Bush and Specter respectively, in Pennsylvania, by guaranteeing the subtraction of angry conservative votes from King George's column. Not only are pro-life evangelical Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox voters about to inform Mr. Bush in November that they will not allow Arlen Specter and his pro-abortion views to be used by the latter to veto any potential pro-life judicial nominees submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee for approval---they are also about to send the President a message at the fall ballot box that the rest of his performance in office has been weighed in the balance--and found wanting.

Real American conservatives have never liked the Bush family and Empire. It has received many of their grudging votes in the past only because of an overwhelming and decisive dislike of Democratic candidates like Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, and now John Kerry. But this time is different in that the Dubya Record since 2000 is comprised of the snowballing, catastrophic effects of a never-ending Iraq War; the accompanying $550 billion dollar federal budget deficits; a $7 trillion dollar national debt; the Bush-Ashcroft USA Patriot Act; and the ongoing destruction of domestic jobs in the United States rooted in the increasingly anemic manufacturing sector of the American economy. Now that Mr. Bush's deliberate betrayal of Christian and socially conservative voters in his own Party is in the process of being nationally exposed through the coverage of his alliance with pro-abortion AIPAC lackey Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, any vestige of a coherent Republican re-election strategy for November is starting to fray and tear at the seams like a cheap suit.

Mr. Specter's Democratic challenger, Joseph Hoeffel, openly assisted the Constitution Party, Mr. Peroutka, and Mr. Clymer, in obtaining the signatures necessary to field themselves in Pennsylvania as Presidential and U. S. Senate candidates in the fall. Word in Washington has it that Hoeffel clearly did so, not only in his own obvious interest, but at the behest of John Kerry who recognizes that national victory is now clearly within his grasp in this deciding contest to the political death. The Bush camp is presently terrorized at the thought that Michael Peroutka and the Constitution Party are in probable covert alliance with Kerry and Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe in the other remaining key battleground states as well, signaling not only the beginning of Dubya's political swan song, but the future national establishment of the Constitution Party as a force to be reckoned with in future elections, to the chagrin of the Bush-Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party about to tank in three months time. Their demise is well deserved. They have worked overtime for it.

Mark Dankof's advice as a bona-fide member of the historic American Right--the paleo-conservative wing of that movement--to Michael Peroutka and Jim Clymer? Make the issue of War, Empire, and the Coming American Draft the compelling argument against both Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry, along with the nefarious influence of the Israeli Lobby in both of America's major political parties and their respective Presidential campaigns. Whack both of them on the destruction of the American working middle class and its beloved manufacturing jobs during the watch of both Republicans and Democrats. And reiterate that Real Americans and American Conservatives have had it with the expenditure of innocent lives, billions of dollars, and positive political capital in the interest of promoting Zionism, Ariel Sharon, and the Neo-Conservative cabal running American foreign policy in both Republican and Democratic Administrations.

The Miami Herald has it right. The 2nd American Revolution has begun--with guys named Peroutka and Clymer--in a place called Pennsylvania--where Bush's Gettysburg and Pickett's Charge demise can be tuned in worldwide on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004.

And I have one question for Michael Peroutka and Jim Clymer to ask George W. Bush and Senator Arlen Specter. In the wake of Mordechai Vanunu's recent disclosures in Israel that the Mossad assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963 at David Ben-Gurion's request--to stop American pressure designed to bring Israeli nuclear programs at Dimona under IAEA inspection--is there any significance to the fact that it was Arlen Specter of AIPAC fame and lore, who designed the "single-bullet" theory for the Warren Commission in its cover-up of the truth surrounding the events in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas 41 years ago? Just wondering.

(Mark Dankof is a Lutheran pastor and post-graduate student in systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. In 2000, he was the Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate against William Roth and Thomas Carper in Delaware. He is a correspondent for SARTRE's Breaking All the Rules (www.batr.net) and the Southern heritage site DixieInternet.com (www.DixieInternet.com ) . He is also an occasional contributor to CASCFEN; IranDokht; PersianMirror; The Iranian; Nile Media; Al Bawaba; and the American libertarian site, Strike-the Root. His own web page is entitled Mark Dankof's America.

Mark Dankof's America:

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Not a conservative vs. liberal issue by James O. Goldsborough

Conflicts within the conservative movement are nothing new, but the split with neoconservatives is dramatic. From an isolationist movement under Bob Taft, conservatism evolved into interventionist with Barry Goldwater. Goldwater's narrow political base required Richard Nixon to reach into the South to attract Southerners whose main interest was social conservatism. To that soon was added religious conservatism of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

Lastly came the neoconservatives, not really conservatives at all, but who borrowed the name.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Reviewing the Claremont Reviewers by Marcus Verhaegh

In the ‘Leo Strauss and American Foreign Policy’ essay Thomas G. West points out that it is odd to see neoconservatives as tied to Strauss, given that some of the things that Strauss said suggest that his views on foreign policy were rather tamer than the William Kristol approach of ‘national greatness’ through military subjugation of threats to ‘global democracy.’

Was Iraq a Mutual Charade? by HAROLD A. GOULD

9/11 and the ascendancy of George W. Bush and his neo-conservative entourage in Washington were destined to transform Saddam s carefully nurtured fantasy world into a house of horrors. Saddam suddenly was confronted with a regime that had singled him out for destruction from the moment it assumed office and immediately set out to find excuses for doing so.

Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper Converge: The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK by Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof's latest article, entitled Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper Converge: The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK, is available for re-post and may be found at:

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