Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Catholic Zionists? by Christopher A. Ferrara

An article by Jason Vest in The Nation discusses “the immense power of individuals from two major neoconservative research organizations, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the Center for Security Policy (CSP), in the current Bush Administration. Vest details the close links between these organizations, right-wing politicians, arms merchants, military men, Jewish multi-millionaires/billionaires, and Republican administrations.”[1]/ That’s the leftist The Nation magazine, not some “anti-Semitic” publication of the Far Right.

The fantasy that the Jews can establish an earthly kingdom on a piece of land taken by force from their fellow men is seen as a rebellion against divine authority even by Orthodox Jews in their reading of the Old Testament. This is why some of the strongest opposition to Zionism, from the nineteenth century to the present day, has come from Orthodox rabbinic leadership.

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