Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What – Who is a Neocon? Ron Paul Speech Exposed Them in 2003

Since the media whores are so eager to expose Ron Paul’s past public writings, why don’t they “out” his long speech on the House floor in 2003 as the nation was prepping for a “cake walk” of shock and awe against Saddam Hussein?

This C-span video with transcript is one whale of an education for confused Americans.

You can do two things with this: turn up the sound to hear better, Treat it like radio and absorb the entire 51 minutes while dusting or doing chores.

Two, those with better Internet search skills than me, can get the transcript that accompanied the original tape, then pass it along; this is vital information for voters to get at this time.

Justice for Those Who Helped Start an Unjust War?

America's NeoCon-inspired war - which killed more than 100,000 Iraqis, dislocated 4.7 million Iraqi citizens, created more than 500,000 Iraqi orphans, several million Iraqi refugees and cost the U.S. treasury roughly one trillion dollars and still counting - is now officially over.

Launched on March 3, 2003, with a much-heralded "Shock and Awe" surprise attack on Baghdad instead of the niceties of a formal and constitutional declaration of war, it died without a whimper last month, in spite of the fact that the misguided leader who got us into the war had declared victory years ago.

The American people were sold the Iraq War by Murdoch's Fox Network more cynically than yellow journal publisher William Randolph Hearst sold them the Spanish-American War ("Remember the Maine!")

How To Tell If You Are A Neo-Con

Newt Gingrich’s Deep Neocon Ties Drive His Bellicose Middle East Policy

If elected, Gingrich would be the first American president to emerge from the dark think-tank world born in the Reagan era that gave us the Iraq war and lusts now for an Iranian reprise. The Daily Beast closely examines Gingrich’s long-time association with this discredited group.

Casino king Sheldon Adelson’s multi-million-dollar cache of chips-on-the-table for Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has at last made him a household name outside of Las Vegas. But it isn’t just Adelson’s brand of pro-Israel, donor-driven saber-rattling that’s pushing Gingrich into far-out positions on virtually every Middle East-related question, from applauding the assassination of Iranian scientists to painting Palestinians as an historical concoction to requiring loyalty oaths from Muslim governmental appointees.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glenn Greenwald and the Neocons

Greenwald has another post on the “Israel Firster” controversy. It’s easy to miss this in Greenwald’s typical avalanche of verbiage, but he (finally) acknowledges that the term was originally coined by anti-Semites, and is “gratuitously inflammatory.” He analogizes it to using the word “fascist” to describe contemporary politics or making comparisons to Nazis.

This, however, is just a side point in a screed that among other things takes to task Jeffrey Goldberg and others for “smears.” The accusation that Goldberg is accusing Greenwald and others of being anti-Semitic and anti-Israel as a way of attempting to silence them. Goldberg can speak for himself, as he has previously in response to Greenwald. [UPDATE: VC Commentor Eyeysay notes that Greenwald was far from precise in characterizing Goldberg’s comments.]

But what I find remarkable is that in a post devoted to “smears,” “silencing,” “trite attacks,” and the misuse of language for political purposes, Greenwald refers to Goldberg as a “neocon,” even though, to my knowledge, Goldberg’s political views are centrist leaning a bit to the left, and Goldberg has no obvious associations with the Commentary crowd or other centers of neocon thought.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

David Stockman: American Exceptionalism Is 'Neo-Con Code' For Aggressive Foreign Policy

There are few things the liberal media like more than a Republican renegade. David Stockman has made a career out of strutting his independence from the GOP. So little surprise that he was an honored guest on this morning's Up With Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

That Stockman repaid his hosts by attacking Republicans was utterly predictable. Even so, the absurdity of Stockman's particular assertion was breathtaking. The former Reagan budget director actually claimed that the notion of American exceptionalism, a focus of Newt Gingrich's campaign, is nothing less than . . . "neo-con code" for an aggressive foreign policy. Video after the jump.

The predictable aftermath of the anti-CAP smear

In other words, the smear campaign — to intimidate CAP out of allowing their writers to express prohibited thoughts about Israel — worked perfectly. And The Weekly Standard‘s Halper understandably gloats: “So the good news is that there seems to be at least one grown up at the Center for American Progress. Whoever he is, he can control what the bloggers are saying that might be interpreted as being borderline anti-Semitic. He can clean things up for outsiders—and make it look a little more mainstream than perhaps the institution really is.” But he also warns: “The bad news is that the grown-up is not always in the room (even if he corrects things when he returns!) and that the stable of bloggers over there have some biases that must be cleaned up by some unknown shady figure.” He adds: “it is clear the problem still remains: A think tank that is allied with the Democratic party and the president of the United States . . . is pushing troubling rhetoric.” By bowing to the discourse bullies, CAP only validates their accusations and makes them hungrier for scalps.

Meanwhile, those who have defended CAP writers from this smear campaign, including me, are now themselves being smeared — needless to say — as Israel-haters and even anti-Semites. So trite and automatic are these attacks that one almost yawns while reading them. Yesterday, Jeffrey Goldberg, who plants himself in the middle of every one of these orgies of anti-Semitism accusations, trotted out every trite accusatory line from the tired neocon playbook to attack me explicitly as an Israel-hater and, he strongly implied, as an anti-Semite (none of these accusations are accompanied by a single word I’ve said or even a link to anything I’ve written).

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FAGIN: Three conservative factions

Neocons are all hawkish on foreign policy. America, in their view, should have a forward presence in every major part of the world, should engage in great power struggles everywhere to advance its national interests, and can best defeat her terrorist enemies through regime change and nation building.

When it comes to military spending, neocons want more. Always. The current budget is never enough, and anyone who disagrees is unpatriotic and a danger to his fellow citizens. When the New York Times wants to appear balanced, they give a slot on the op-ed page to a neocon. Newt Gingrich is a neoconservative.

‘Occupy AIPAC’ now has 100 orgs behind it (and neocons try to block its appeal to ‘Jewish liberals’)

This is interesting. More than 100 organizations are moving ahead to "Occupy AIPAC" at the beginning of March in Washington. It will be some party near the convention center-- a lot of coalition-building and consciousness-raising. "We are the 99 percent, from Cairo to NY, from Jerusalem to DC."

I can't wait to compare the average age of the AIPAC'ers to that of the anti-AIPAC'rs-- AIPAC's biggest fear. The dustbin of history.

One sign that Occupy AIPAC is working is that Commentary has launched a broadbrush attack on it and the Occupy movement generally as... anti-semitic. The neoconservatives are clearly worried that the boycott movement and the end-to-aid to Israel movement are gaining traction in American politics and what are they doing-- appealing to Jewish liberals to marginalize these movements.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brilliant Neo-Con Argument Against Ron Paul

Yes, you can be a neoconservative, and still be wrong

One of the nice things about writing for Foreign Policy is the energy and creativity of its leadership, as exemplified by their relentless quest for new publishing innovations. Just yesterday, for example, FP launched a new fiction section, clearly intended to highlight writing on international affairs that doesn't have much basis in reality.

I refer, of course, to Elliot Abrams' brief essay entitled "A Forward Strategy of Freedom," where he argues that neoconservative ideas and policies are responsible for the "Arab Spring." It's been apparent for a long time that being a neoconservative means never having to say you're sorry (or even admit that you're wrong), but this essay displayed a degree of historical amnesia unusual even by neoconservative standards. It's not really worth a sustained critique, so I'll just make a few quick points.


Yesterday I wrote of William Kristol’s ‘exclusive’ article in The Weekly Standard claiming that his office had ‘mysteriously’ received a document that claimed to be a part of the text of the forthcoming Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union Address to be delivered next Tuesday. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is down to deliver the Republican response. In the mysterious document it is claimed that Daniels will announce his intention to enter the Republican race if enough Republicans asked him.

It now seems that this whole story was just a desperate attempt by Kristol to lure Daniels into the fray. While Daniels himself is yet to deny that the document is genuine, his office, according to Indychannel.com, has said that “Kristol's piece does not reflect the speech the governor intends to give Tuesday night”.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Neocon's split 72%0%; Ron Paul get's 28% - that's my call...

The way I figure, the Newt surge is good for Ron. He's not going to take one vote from Dr. Paul. He will take votes from Romney. So here's my hopeful prediction...

Ron Paul - 28%
Romney - 27%
Gingrich - 20%
Santorum - 25

Paul wins it.

MSNBC: American Exceptionalism Is “Neo-Con Code” For Aggressive Foreign Policy…

The word is neo-con speak, code for an aggressive foreign policy. It’s for more Bush, with even more aggressive intent. It’s about beating the war drums in Iran. It’s about keeping the military establishment–which is vastly greater than we need–fully in place. That’s what exceptionalism is about. It’s not about our economic problems or jobs or the fact that Main Street is falling behind or that we’ve done nothing about Wall Street or that we have a Fed out of control or all the other issues that we could mention. That is code for an aggressive foreign policy that I think is the most dangerous thing we could do at the moment.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Neocon Kristol challenges Ron Paul to debate Foreign Policy

Another Empty Neocon Case For War

The Republican Party primaries are in full swing, but it is quickly becoming clear that Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination. Thus the Neoconservatives can focus on the November election and increase their pressure on Obama, accusing him of looking weak on a perceived grave threat to national security if he doesn’t attack Iran.

Today’s entry is brought to you by the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. That he even held that position, given his contempt for diplomacy, tells you all you need to know about Neoconservative influence on the Bush Administration in which he served.

Ron Paul Exposes the NEOCONS and Their Global Agenda

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Americans Fed Up with Neocon Wars?

Furthermore, a 2010 poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found 82 percent of Americans favored ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (rejected by the GOP-dominated Senate in 1999), 70 percent favored participation in the International Criminal Court (rejected by President George W. Bush), and 67 percent backed a new international treaty to combat climate change. In December 2008, a World Public Opinion poll found that 77 percent of Americans backed an international treaty abolishing nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, most Americans favor expanding the role of the United Nations in world affairs. Polling in 2010 by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found that majorities of Americans favored creating a standing UN peacekeeping force (64 percent), giving the United Nations the authority to enter countries to investigate human rights violations (72 percent), creating an international marshals service with the power to arrest leaders responsible for genocide (73 percent), and empowering the United Nations to regulate the international arms trade (55 percent).

The Wave Hits The Chief NeoCon

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Neocon Choice: Mitt Romney

Bush’s United Nations ambassador, John Bolton, wants Mitt Romney for president. He told Greta Van Susteren Romney is the “ideal conservative” best positioned to defeat Obama and put forward “American exceptionalism.”

Romney, of course, is not a “conservative,” but if elected he will take orders from the globalists and their neocon faction.

The former Massachusetts governor has consistently called for an aggressive stance against Iran. During the GOP debate in November, he said that if “crippling sanctions” and other strategies fail, military action would be on the table.

All of the GOP candidates, with the notable exception of Ron Paul, have called for attacking Iran if sanctions do not persuade the country to drop its nuclear energy program.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michael Weiss, Pro Israeli Neocon, Authors Blueprint For Western Military Intervention In Syria Approved By Syrian Ex-Pats

Pro-Israel neocon hawk Michael Weiss brags, in a new piece in Foreign Policy Magazine, that he has drafted a blueprint adopted by the Syrian opposition, which includes a call for foreign military intervention:

…The SNC [Syrian National Council] launched its official Web site [which], drawing on a blueprint I prepared…[made an] aggressive call for foreign military intervention…

Frankly, I find it astonishing that the Syrian resistance would allow such a Perle-Wolfowitz-type character to influence its strategic deliberations. In fact, if these people don’t realize, they’re giving pro-regime forces a perfect opportunity to smear them with the charge of being lackeys of the Israel lobby, which is clearly a role that Weiss plays and relishes doing so. In fact, one of the major themes of Assad’s most recent TV address to the nation was the foreign cabals conspiring to take him down and replace him with a foreign-friendly puppet regime. I hate to say this, but he may be right if Michael Weiss has anything to say about it.

Foreign Policy has given the pro-Israel pro-interventionist neocon lobby a post-New Year’s gift by publishing his screed advocating violent regime change in Syria. Moon of Alabama has exposed some of Weiss’ neocon roots and his Perle-Wolfowitz like relationships in the Chalabi-like Syrian-exile nether world. The critique of the Weiss article notes his peeved view of those in the Syrian opposition who remain opposed to intervention. Notice in this passage from Weiss that he manages to smear those forces by implying that they are lackeys of the Assad regime:

Neocon Terror

"The Purpose of Terror is to terrorize." V. I. Lenin

Yes, they are terrorized. After years of treating Ron Paul like those Taliban cadavers, the neocons suddenly realize he could spoil their party, major league, big time. So suddenly they discover that the good doctor is a genial old chap who has bright young followers and — zounds! — some surprisingly attractive ideas! He leads a "cause," not a "campaign," of course, because, after all, he can't win, you know, and, why, good sorts that we are, we've kindly let him "put his cause on the map"!

Are we there yet? Good. Now let's wipe Ron Paul off the map, they chortle, so we can have more wars.

Fat chance, Dr. K.

These guys have been lying for years. They want to give him a convention speech that no network will air and a platform entry that no one will read (Bob Dole bragged in 1996 that he wouldn't read it. His 2012 clone will too).

Romney's foreign policy team is Bush 43, The Sequel. Ten years ago Krauthammer sided with them against the "navel gazers" who demanded we follow the Constitution. Now that Obama is giving the Constitution the cadaver treatment, the neocons are all atwitter — "Hey, that's only fair when we ignore it!"

Krauthammer deigns to baptize Ron Paul's candidacy as "the biggest story yet of this presidential campaign." Rest assured, he and his fellow plunderers will do everything they can to make it "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." (Macbeth, Act V, Scene 5)

Friday, January 13, 2012

What my wife learned from a NeoCon today. Updated.

My wife had an interesting observation when speaking with a NeoCon today about Ron Paul. We all know that RP is great for our defense because of blow back, foreign entanglements, and not to mention the flat out cost of our military spending.

However, here's the bottom line of what the NeoCon said. "I like Ron Paul on fiscal issues, constitutional issues, and integrity. BUT, we can't afford to get rid of our military. We need to have a strong military to protect ourselves."

Herding Americans to War with Iran

Another front in Israel’s cold war against Iran appears to be the propaganda war being fought inside the United States, where the still-influential neoconservatives are deploying their extensive political and media resources to shut off possible routes toward a peaceful settlement, while building support for future military strikes against Iran.

Fitting with that propaganda strategy, the Washington Post’s editorial page, which is essentially the neocons’ media flagship, published a lead editorial on Wednesday urging harsher and harsher sanctions against Iran and ridiculing anyone who favored reduced tensions.

Neocon Israel Mouthpiece Writes Syrian Opposition Intervention Paper

Bashar al-Assad is right. There are international conspiracies to take him down.

This is for example obvious when the expatriate Syrian National Council uses a policy papers arguing for military intervention in Syria that was written by a neocon and Israel supporter and paid for by the U.S. State Department. To further the military intervention the paper is defended by doing away with the local protesters in Syria who oppose any intervention.

Michael Weiss is Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Henry Jackson Society, a British neocon organization which patrons include the U.S. neocons Richard Perle, William Kristol and James Woolsey. He also has a blog at the Telegraph website.

Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again

The same neocons who persuaded George W. Bush and crew to, in Ron Paul's inimitable words, "lie their way into invading Iraq" in 2003, are beating the drums of war more loudly these days to attack Iran. It is remarkable how many of these war-mongers are former draft dodgers who wanted other Americans to fight the war in Vietnam.

With the exception of Ron Paul, who actually knows the history of U.S.-Iranian relations, the Republican presidential contenders have declared their belligerency toward Iranian officials who they accuse of moving toward nuclear weapons.

The Iranian regime disputes that charge, claiming they are developing the technology for nuclear power and nuclear medicine.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neocon Scholar Says Highly Disputed Call For Iran War Stands Undisputed

Looking back on the run-up to the Iraq war, neoconservatives and their allies in the Bush administration took heavy criticism for engaging in “groupthink” that brooked no dissent. Bogus charges of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction programs constituted the most glaringly obvious example of this foible. Now, with Iran in the cross hairs, a prominent neoconservative scholar is falling prey to the same problem.

In a blog post yesterday on Commentary magazine’s website, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) scholar Max Boot goes beyond simply ignoring ideas with which he disagrees, and informs readers that no such credible ideas even exist. Boot’s article, headlined “A Powerful Case for Force Against Iran,” picks up on an article from Foreign Affairs magazine, CFR’s bi-monthly journal.

Neocon Israel Mouthpiece Writes Syrian Opposition Intervention Paper

"The mask has fallen off these faces," [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] said. "No wise person denies these international conspiracies that (are) being done in order to spread fear inside. But this time, it was done with people from inside."

Bashar al-Asad is right. There are international conspiracies to take him down.

This is for example obvious when the expatriate Syrian National Council uses a policy papers arguing for military intervention in Syria that was written by a neocon and Israel supporter and paid for by the U.S. State Department. To further the military intervention the paper is defended by doing away with the local protesters in Syria who oppose any intervention.

Michael Weiss is Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Henry Jackson Society, a British neocon organization which patrons include the U.S. neocons Richard Perle, William Kristol and James Woolsey. He also has a blog at the Telegraph website.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Neocon dialogue, a complete transcript

This was a Facebook wall conversation I had with with a Neocon that I had not spoken to in four years. I saw him post something in reference to Dr. Paul's foreign policy and I engaged him. We are both US Army Officers (with he Military Police and I Civil Affairs and formerly Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear) with deployments to OIF. I have been reading DP for months now, but this is my first post. I felt compelled to share the conversation here because the most inspiring posts I read are examples of logic and education winning supporters for Dr. Paul, but I do not see much play-by-play on how it's done. My hope is that it may help fellow DPers refine their message and win over the more intelligent (yet no less brainwashed) Neocon. I don't get frustrated when I hear ideas opposed to my own. What bothers me is when the right idea is misrepresented or poorly communicated.

Monday, January 09, 2012

The Return of the Chickenhawks

“Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”

This was the core of the argument made by the more honest neocons, such as Michael Ledeen, cited by Goldberg and deemed the “Ledeen Doctrine.” Who cares about “weapons of mass destruction” and Condi Rice’s visions of “mushroom clouds” – war is a positive good, and the military is to be venerated as a kind of priesthood.

Nothing offends a neocon more than being called a chickenhawk. The epithet really ruffles their feathers, and they’re quick with a comeback: “It’s absurd to say one needs to have military experience in order to argue for the merits – or demerits – of a particular war.” It’s true that anyone can make any argument they wish: however, it is also true that not all opinions are equal. Certain voices carry with them a special authority, and others less so. To cite one example: in the debate over whether we should go to war with Iran, the opinion of a pencil-necked geek like Bill Kristol, the little Lenin of the neocons,who has never been anywhere near a war, carries much less weight than that of Admiral William Fallon, the former chief of the US Central Command who resigned rather than go along with the Bush administration’s efforts to goad Iran into war.

Sunday, January 08, 2012


In a recent article in National Review Online, Barbara Lerner, an Islamophobic American Zionist and neoconservative writer, has laid it out on the line what the neoconservative goal really is as far as what they want for Israel – and that is nothing less than the annexation by Israel of all of the so-called ‘Biblical Lands’ in order to create a Greater Israel. She writes:

We must end the mindless repetition of enemy propaganda about “occupied land,” and encourage our Israeli allies to annex the whole of Biblical Israel…

Clearly, there are no longer any pretensions about ‘negotiations’ aimed at establishing a ‘Palestinian State’; the Zionists do not want a Palestinian state of any kind. They never have. Endless talk about talks has been aimed at playing for more time while the Zionists and the Israeli right-wing wait for an appropriate moment to find an excuse to launch a war against their enemies Hamas in the Gaza and the West Bank and Hezbollah in south Lebanon; a war so devastating that it will provide Israel with the casus belli to invade and then ultimately annex the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and even south Lebanon up to the Litani River.

Neo-con right-wing hit piece against Ron Paul that’s so silly it could have been from The Onion

The other day this article called “Drugs, Guns and Madness in the Ron Paul Revolution” came out on the inaccurately named neo-con blog, “Accuracy in Media.” It’s so stunningly stupid, you must read it. An Excerpt:

I think the hit piece came from two reasons:
1. Simply IGNORING Ron Paul is no longer working.
2.There’s a lot more MONEY in sounding insane and mean than there is in making sense. Look at the SPLC. I think of Accuracy in Media as the right-wing SPLC.

The Accuracy in Media site is pretty popular, and the guy who wrote the article, Cliff Kincaid, used to be the editor for Oliver North’s newsletter. (As someone said “No wonder he knows so much about guns, drugs and violence.” lol.) And it got re-blogged on several hundred other blogs. (Probably automatically. They were probably syndicating him and haven’t yet noticed his meltdown, like Old Right has.)

Gary Bauer to Endorse Santorum

A source close to the presidential campaign of Rick Santorum tells ABC News that the former Pennsylvania senator will pick up the endorsement of Christian conservative activist Gary Bauer on Sunday.

Bauer ran for president himself in 2000, and is part of the group of conservative leaders trying to figure out around which candidate the movement should coalesce so as to stop Mitt Romney from grabbing plurality wins all the way to the nomination, with conservatives like Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Ron Paul splitting the non-Romney vote.

The news of Bauer’s endorsement was first reported by the Washington Post’s Dan Balz.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Another Neocon Spell of the Vapors

Cliff Kincaid has to fan himself with National Review. Oh my: people in the Ron Paul movement believe that adults should be able to consume what they wish to consume. They don't like high taxes or aggressive wars. They oppose the police state and all other sorts of tyranny. They prefer the Bill of Rights. That makes them communists and terrorists. Indeed, says Cliff, they're all mad. Madness meaning, as Glenn Greenwald pointed out,dissenting from the bipartisan consensus.

UPDATE from Bill Anderson:

"As you can see, it is the Christian conservatives that do the most shilling for the police state. It is they who booed Ron four years ago when he had the audacity to quote the Scriptures about Jesus being the Prince of Peace. These people are hopeless, and to think that is the subculture in which I have lived for many years. My dad actually was the first person to get me on board with legalizing drugs. Like me, he does not approve of their use per se, but does not want to see their use being a crime.

"Kincaid really is pathetic, as though the media is trying to hide what they see as bad things about RP. What a joke. I had forgotten about Accuracy in Media and all of these other sites that are little more than pests and shills for the police states."

Neocon Hysteria Over Defense Cuts Falls Flat

Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer have been sort of doleful in their appearances on FOX News lately, looking like their hearts are just not in it. Not hard to see why: it looks like cardboard cut-out and moderate Republican Mitt Romney will be their party’s presidential nominee. On the national security front, it’s been difficult to stake a strident position against a president who has put the former administration’s drone program to shame, bombed more countries and killed more Pakistanis in the last three years than they probably thought possible. Gitmo’s still open for business and it could be expanding its capacity, thanks to new detention provisions in the NDAA.

Meanwhile, the exit from Afghanistan looks like it’s going to be a really slow one, and Iraq … well, all Krauthammer’s fulminations about President Obama “losing” the war have largely fallen on deaf ears. Americans have heard enough — most everyone wanted to come home, even the troops, who Kristol and Krauthammer and the rest of the American Enterprise Institute brain trust claimed they were speaking for all along. As for Iran, it seems it’s going to take a lot more than puffed-up rhetoric to drag the people behind yet another war.

The NeoCon Propaganda Machine Pushing “Regime Change” in Syria

The blueprint for this project is essentially a report produced by the neo-conservative Brookings Institute for regime change in Iran in 2009. The report – “Which Path to Persia?” - continues to be the generic strategic approach for US-led regime change in the region.

A rereading of it, together with the more recent “Towards a Post-Assad Syria” (which adopts the same language and perspective, but focuses on Syria, and was recently produced by two US neo-conservative think-tanks) illustrates how developments in Syria have been shaped according to the step-by-step approach detailed in the “Paths to Persia” report with the same key objective: regime change.

The authors of these reports include, among others, John Hannah and Martin Indyk, both former senior neo-conservative officials from the George W Bush/Dick Cheney administration, and both advocates for regime change in Syria. Not for the first time are we seeing a close alliance between US/British neo-cons with Islamists (including, reports show, some with links to al-Qaeda) working together to bring about regime change in an “enemy” state.

Friday, January 06, 2012

The Neocons Capture Romney

The top three vote-getters in the Iowa caucuses — Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) — responded to success in very different ways.

Santorum, best known for his antediluvian views on gay rights and choice, emphasized the economy and job creation. Paul, keeping with the themes he has focused on his entire career, talked about personal freedom, the need to restrict "big government," and preventing a new war in the Middle East.

And Romney, who is at this point the frontrunner for the nomination, started his speech by discussing the purported failure of Barack Obama to confront Iran.

Democracy, Neocon Style

The neocons use the god of democracy as their patent excuse for all of their military aggression. They are the political sons and daughters of Democrat Woodrow Wilson. The genesis of this was the creation of a hideous bureaucracy called "The National Endowment for Democracy" (NED) during the Reagan administration. This of course is another funding source for CIA meddling in everyone else's business around the world, primarily for the benefit of the corporations who fund the Washington Establishment. To bamboozle the booboisie and get them to acquiesce, the "Endowment" funds "election monitors" to make sure that elections in places like Iraq are held on the up and up, American style. Americans will fall for almost any lie, no matter how big, if they are told it promotes "democracy." Only a Hitler could be against democracy, and who wants to be compared to Hitler?

What a shame the neocons did not send any NED election monitors to Iowa this week. Reports are that no I.D.s were necessary to vote; the paper votes were thrown into trash barrel-style containers, and then taken into a private room where they were secretly counted by Republican Party hacks.

The Koch-Neocon Axis?

A new organization has been formed to "to wage a well-funded assault on the Obama White House" using the model that the left-leaning Center for American Progress uses. At key positions in the new organization, the "Center for American Freedom," are two former employees of the neocon, Weekly Standard.

The chairman of CAF is Michael Goldfarb. Goldfarb is a former Weekly Standard writer who is now a partner in the lobbying firm Orion Strategies, where his clients include Charles and David Koch.

CAF is going to publish a new conservative online news site, the Washington Free Beacon, edited by Matthew Continetti. Continetti is also a former Weekly Standard writer.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Neocons Want To Bomb LRC

Wow. I always knew the neocons hated LRC, but now I also know the extent of their fear. From the NY Times on down (or is that on up?), they all want to destroy this website. It's been the 10-minute hate. And, of course, for pro-war, pro-police state, pro-empire types who exalt the "Noble Lie," no fib is too fictional.

Why the hate? It's the rebuke of our massive traffic, up 19.7% in 2011 alone, according to Google. It reaches into every corner of America and the world. This was already the best-read libertarian site ever, and now we've taken another giant step (as the Times goes out of business). But the real reason for the fear and hate is our Rothbardian, anarcho-capitalist ideas, and their demonstrated power to change hearts and minds, no matter what fabrications the establishment spreads. LRC is the powerful teacher of freedom, markets, peace, and historical truth. So, of course, the poisoned arrows fly.

The advocates of the State – these days, one variety of fascist or another – freak out at LRC. They pull out the long knives. But donations from our readers are the best armor. With our gifts last year, we were able to move our site to a freer country, with another foreign backup, and to redo the content management system to make the site more robust. We want to step up security, too, of course. But income minus expenses for 2011 leaves us more than $45,000 in the hole. If you want to see LRC thrive and grow, triumph over the enemy, and spread the word even more effectively, a donation would be a huge help. Every dollar helps defeat the neocon menace.

I won't let these fascists win. Or, rather, with your help, we won't.

Scumbag Neocon Hypocrite Michael Savage Makes Baseless Attacks on Ron Paul

Santorum Owns the New Neocon Tea Party

If we can believe the Iowa exit polls – as tallied by the corporate media – Rick Santorum won a plurality of votes from Tea Party supporters.

Among Tea Party supporters, Santorum won 29 percent and Romney and Rep. Ron Paul tied for second with 19 percent each. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won 15 percent of Tea Party supporters, Texas Gov. Rick Perry won 11 percent, and Rep. Michele Bachmann won 6 percent, according to CNS News. The entrance poll surveyed 1,787 caucus-goers in Iowa last night.

In short, the rebranded and refurbished Tea Party supports attacking Iran by default.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This is Exactly How you Know Townhall is a Neocon controlled publication

This is up to show how the neocons work. This is why they own publications like this one, so they can put out BS like this and hope the grassroots are still ignorant sheep. Same goes on the left, believe me its both sides that play this game. Its a neocon party with a left and right wing called dems and GOPers. The teaparty not taken over by the neocons are the same as the OWS, the part not controlled by Soros and the neolibs. I thought this was the best, most blatant example of what we know is the case but had not seen it as bad as this example. It truly strikes home just how badly we have all been played. No wonder we are in the deep dodoo that we are in. Its why I unsubscribed as fast as I could. I highly recommend you do the same. It doesn't work if people don't see it.

Establishment left joins neocon right in assault on Ron Paul's candidacy in order that its feigned "progressivism" is never put to the test

In the following article, influential anti-Zionist blogger Philip Weiss, an Obama supporter, makes the argument that even though he thinks incumbent Obama can, will and should win the presidential election, Ron Paul's presence in the horse race challenges what amounts to the corrupt, Zionist-Globalist, warmongering, left-right status quo, and forces "progressives" to ponder their own bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and Democratic Party-tool status by raising issues that otherwise would not go addressed by the left-liberal/neocon establishment.

My question to progressive anti-Zionists like Weiss is, why do you want Obama to win the presidency over Paul? Aren't you aware that Zionist organized Jewry essentially owns the Democratic Party at the national level? Aren't you aware that there are only minuscule differences between the neocon Republican and left-liberal Democrat establishment not only in terms of warmongering, but in terms of their condescending, elitist, and outright neo-fascist world view? Aren't you aware that along with the Zionists, the State Capitalist/Corporatist establishment essentially owns and controls all of the candidates other than Ron Paul? Aren't you aware that average Americans across the entire country of both left and right persuasion have been used, suckered, conned, hoodwinked and all-out defrauded by the neocon-liberal fascist amalgamation?

Neoconservative Rising

Conservatives have only themselves to blame: their foolish actions have done the lion's share of growing this counter-movement. In promoting libertarian values while delivering the exact opposite, they have sown the seeds of their own decline. This helps to explain why few of the candidates will directly engage Dr. Paul in the debates: when directly compared to the real deal, a Reaganesque "lip-service libertarian" fails miserably. It's been failing since Reagan first claimed "the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." [3] Saying something so seemingly poignant, while conducting protectionist schemes, pursuing global hegemony, and taxing his citizens via stealth, set a precedent that would undermine, is undermining his party.

This is why I believe the recent Santorum surge merits our close scrutiny. Here is a candidate who has gone against the grain of his peers by dropping any pretense of libertarian values. If there ever could exist a "quintessential neoconservative," you have it in the ex-Senator. His social stances across the board are blatant attempts to out-conservative his conservative peers. His foreign policy is as bellicose as ever has been heard in a national debate. As far as his views on the individual citizen versus the state?

Iran/Iraq ‘Defectors’ and Disinformation

A new American war hysteria is rising, this time over Iran, and – like its predecessor with Iraq – this one employs “defectors” who come forward, often under the umbrella of neocon organizations, to impart alarming tales.

The latest example is a “default judgment” by a U.S. federal judge implicating Iran in the 9/11 attacks. It is based largely on Iranian “defectors” whose testimony was given without Iranian lawyers or anyone else present to challenge the lurid claims. Since Iran has no diplomatic relations with the United States and rejects the judgments of U.S. courts, the “default judgment” was predictable.

Will Ron Paul Destroy the 'Party of Lincoln'?

Former Bush administration speechwriter Michael Gerson, who is now a columnist for the company newspaper of the company town known as Washington, D.C., recently authored yet another hysterical neocon rant over the Ron Paul candidacy. Ron Paul is on a "quest to undo the Party of Lincoln," blared Gerson’s headline. Every freedom-loving, patriotic American can only hope and pray that Ron Paul succeeds.

Gerson’s tone is dripping with venomous hatred when he accuses Ron Paul of being some kind of nut by calling the Civil War "senseless" and of saying that Lincoln ruled with an iron fist. Generations of historians have also called the Civil War "senseless" or something similar. "The bumbling generation" is how some historians describe the Civil War-era politicians who plunged the nation into war, the most preeminent of whom was Lincoln himself. But when Ron Paul refers to the war in that way what he has in mind is the true historical fact that all other countries of the world that ended slavery in the nineteenth century – including most of the Northern states in the U.S – did so peacefully. The British, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Swedes, Danes, and others ended slavery in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, all of Central America, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, the French and Danish colonies, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela without resorting to the mass murder and destruction of war.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


The GOP neo-con establishment loves their war machine. Ron Paul threatens their power. They say he’s dangerous. After 8 years in Iraq with 4,500 dead American soldiers, 32,000 wounded soldiers, thousands more mentally scared soldiers, 200,000 dead Iraqis, and $4 trillion of national wealth squandered, they say Ron Paul is dangerous. Next up on the neo-con agenda – Iran. I’m sure attacking Iran isn’t dangerous, foolish, expensive or necessary. Wait until Ron wins Iowa and New Hampshire. Charlie Krauthammer will be so upset, he’ll actually stand up to condemn Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Callers Vs Neocon Radio Host

Standing Up to the NeoCon War Crowd – Nuremberg Style

American NeoCons, many of them Zionist Jews, have been plotting with a foreign power and a willing military industrial complex in both countries. They advanced a ‘pre-emptive strike’ doctrine into American national defense policy, the result of several decades of Israeli Intelligence operations here.

They have penetrated key American political institutions in a manner that old Soviet spies could only look at and think, ‘Why didn’t we think of doing that.’

What was the public reaction to this ‘to hell with the Nuremberg’ precedent, and shift over to ‘waging aggressive war’? It was basically nothing. Decades of dumbing down had done it’s work.

Now, any country deemed capable of becoming a future threat, American taxpayer money could be spent by initiating a war against a country to prevent them from potentially attacking ‘U.S interests’ at a future date. I think this is a counterfeit version of Democracy.