Saturday, January 07, 2012

Another Neocon Spell of the Vapors

Cliff Kincaid has to fan himself with National Review. Oh my: people in the Ron Paul movement believe that adults should be able to consume what they wish to consume. They don't like high taxes or aggressive wars. They oppose the police state and all other sorts of tyranny. They prefer the Bill of Rights. That makes them communists and terrorists. Indeed, says Cliff, they're all mad. Madness meaning, as Glenn Greenwald pointed out,dissenting from the bipartisan consensus.

UPDATE from Bill Anderson:

"As you can see, it is the Christian conservatives that do the most shilling for the police state. It is they who booed Ron four years ago when he had the audacity to quote the Scriptures about Jesus being the Prince of Peace. These people are hopeless, and to think that is the subculture in which I have lived for many years. My dad actually was the first person to get me on board with legalizing drugs. Like me, he does not approve of their use per se, but does not want to see their use being a crime.

"Kincaid really is pathetic, as though the media is trying to hide what they see as bad things about RP. What a joke. I had forgotten about Accuracy in Media and all of these other sites that are little more than pests and shills for the police states."

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