Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Neocon dialogue, a complete transcript

This was a Facebook wall conversation I had with with a Neocon that I had not spoken to in four years. I saw him post something in reference to Dr. Paul's foreign policy and I engaged him. We are both US Army Officers (with he Military Police and I Civil Affairs and formerly Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear) with deployments to OIF. I have been reading DP for months now, but this is my first post. I felt compelled to share the conversation here because the most inspiring posts I read are examples of logic and education winning supporters for Dr. Paul, but I do not see much play-by-play on how it's done. My hope is that it may help fellow DPers refine their message and win over the more intelligent (yet no less brainwashed) Neocon. I don't get frustrated when I hear ideas opposed to my own. What bothers me is when the right idea is misrepresented or poorly communicated.

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