Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Neoconservative Rising

Conservatives have only themselves to blame: their foolish actions have done the lion's share of growing this counter-movement. In promoting libertarian values while delivering the exact opposite, they have sown the seeds of their own decline. This helps to explain why few of the candidates will directly engage Dr. Paul in the debates: when directly compared to the real deal, a Reaganesque "lip-service libertarian" fails miserably. It's been failing since Reagan first claimed "the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." [3] Saying something so seemingly poignant, while conducting protectionist schemes, pursuing global hegemony, and taxing his citizens via stealth, set a precedent that would undermine, is undermining his party.

This is why I believe the recent Santorum surge merits our close scrutiny. Here is a candidate who has gone against the grain of his peers by dropping any pretense of libertarian values. If there ever could exist a "quintessential neoconservative," you have it in the ex-Senator. His social stances across the board are blatant attempts to out-conservative his conservative peers. His foreign policy is as bellicose as ever has been heard in a national debate. As far as his views on the individual citizen versus the state?

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