Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neocon Scholar Says Highly Disputed Call For Iran War Stands Undisputed

Looking back on the run-up to the Iraq war, neoconservatives and their allies in the Bush administration took heavy criticism for engaging in “groupthink” that brooked no dissent. Bogus charges of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction programs constituted the most glaringly obvious example of this foible. Now, with Iran in the cross hairs, a prominent neoconservative scholar is falling prey to the same problem.

In a blog post yesterday on Commentary magazine’s website, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) scholar Max Boot goes beyond simply ignoring ideas with which he disagrees, and informs readers that no such credible ideas even exist. Boot’s article, headlined “A Powerful Case for Force Against Iran,” picks up on an article from Foreign Affairs magazine, CFR’s bi-monthly journal.

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