Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Establishment left joins neocon right in assault on Ron Paul's candidacy in order that its feigned "progressivism" is never put to the test

In the following article, influential anti-Zionist blogger Philip Weiss, an Obama supporter, makes the argument that even though he thinks incumbent Obama can, will and should win the presidential election, Ron Paul's presence in the horse race challenges what amounts to the corrupt, Zionist-Globalist, warmongering, left-right status quo, and forces "progressives" to ponder their own bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and Democratic Party-tool status by raising issues that otherwise would not go addressed by the left-liberal/neocon establishment.

My question to progressive anti-Zionists like Weiss is, why do you want Obama to win the presidency over Paul? Aren't you aware that Zionist organized Jewry essentially owns the Democratic Party at the national level? Aren't you aware that there are only minuscule differences between the neocon Republican and left-liberal Democrat establishment not only in terms of warmongering, but in terms of their condescending, elitist, and outright neo-fascist world view? Aren't you aware that along with the Zionists, the State Capitalist/Corporatist establishment essentially owns and controls all of the candidates other than Ron Paul? Aren't you aware that average Americans across the entire country of both left and right persuasion have been used, suckered, conned, hoodwinked and all-out defrauded by the neocon-liberal fascist amalgamation?

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