Thursday, January 26, 2012

‘Occupy AIPAC’ now has 100 orgs behind it (and neocons try to block its appeal to ‘Jewish liberals’)

This is interesting. More than 100 organizations are moving ahead to "Occupy AIPAC" at the beginning of March in Washington. It will be some party near the convention center-- a lot of coalition-building and consciousness-raising. "We are the 99 percent, from Cairo to NY, from Jerusalem to DC."

I can't wait to compare the average age of the AIPAC'ers to that of the anti-AIPAC'rs-- AIPAC's biggest fear. The dustbin of history.

One sign that Occupy AIPAC is working is that Commentary has launched a broadbrush attack on it and the Occupy movement generally as... anti-semitic. The neoconservatives are clearly worried that the boycott movement and the end-to-aid to Israel movement are gaining traction in American politics and what are they doing-- appealing to Jewish liberals to marginalize these movements.

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