Friday, January 06, 2012

Democracy, Neocon Style

The neocons use the god of democracy as their patent excuse for all of their military aggression. They are the political sons and daughters of Democrat Woodrow Wilson. The genesis of this was the creation of a hideous bureaucracy called "The National Endowment for Democracy" (NED) during the Reagan administration. This of course is another funding source for CIA meddling in everyone else's business around the world, primarily for the benefit of the corporations who fund the Washington Establishment. To bamboozle the booboisie and get them to acquiesce, the "Endowment" funds "election monitors" to make sure that elections in places like Iraq are held on the up and up, American style. Americans will fall for almost any lie, no matter how big, if they are told it promotes "democracy." Only a Hitler could be against democracy, and who wants to be compared to Hitler?

What a shame the neocons did not send any NED election monitors to Iowa this week. Reports are that no I.D.s were necessary to vote; the paper votes were thrown into trash barrel-style containers, and then taken into a private room where they were secretly counted by Republican Party hacks.

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