Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Thought Control for Middle East Studies by Joel Beinin

A band of neoconservative pundits with close ties to Israel have mounted a campaign against American scholars who study the Middle East.

Jews know the danger of appeasing evil by Barbara Kay

ENEMY WATCH: If there are an unusual number of Jewish intellectuals promoting an ideology that has become associated with the current American action plan in foreign affairs, and if that plan is favourable to Israel's security in the Middle East, why isn't it fair to point that out?

My answer is that there are a disproportionate number of Jews intellectually engaged at every ideological point on the democratic political spectrum, and yet the neocons are the only such group to be singled out as Jews in Adbusters.

A Kerry-McCain Ticket? by Jude Wanniski

You would not even notice until you had been surrounded, because the neo-cons have long, long lists of comrades in both political parties, so they would not have to have McCain pushing only Republicans into key spots.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Origins of Wolfowitz's Overconfidence by Timothy Noah

The intellectual descendants of Trotskyists, the neocons find the idea of revolution from above, in which intellectuals and ideas play the crucial role, instinctively appealing.

Prime Minister Chalabi

Latest rumor circulating in intelligence circles: the first U.S. ambassador to Iraq will be James Woolsey, the neocon former CIA director and leading advocate of the war since the 1990s.

Operation Iraqi Infoganda

To show the president continuing to sit and read with elementary school kids "while people like my husband were burning alive inside the World Trade Center towers," Kristen Breitweiser wrote, "would run counter to Karl Rove's art direction and grand vision."

Neoconservatism (United States) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neoconservatism is a conservative movement with origins in the Old Left that has been very influential in formulating pro-war foreign policy stances by the United States.

Road map to hell by Pepe Escobar

By creating a shaheed (martyr) through the assassination of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Yassin, Israel may have signaled a war not only against all Palestinians, but against all Islam. This is the essence of the "clash of civilizations" as dreamed by American neo-conservatives and endorsed by the Likud Party in Israel.

The Education of Fred Barnes by Dale Steinreich

For the best evidence so far that a few neocons possibly now understand a little of the handwriting on the Iraqi wall, enter Fred Barnes.

911 Incongruities by Paul Craig Roberts

The salient fact that emerges from Clarke’s book, Against All Enemies, is that the neoconservatives who control the Bush administration wanted to invade Iraq. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon gave the neoconservatives the opportunity they wanted. All they had to do was to spin the terrorism issue and point the finger at Saddam Hussein.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Yassin Assassination by GARY LEUPP

Let us say Perle's dream comes true and the Israeli air force does attack pro-Hamas Syria. Let's say it does so big-time, Sharon-style, and does major damage. Enough to cause enough disorder for the U.S. to argue that a deteriorating situation requires international intervention. The Iraq attack required months of preparation, but intervention in Syria will happen very quickly, coming like a thief in the night as it did in Haiti.

An Overview of American Conservatism by Violet Lake

THE CONFUSED LEFT: BATR must be in the latter camp!

The conservative gradient can be divided into four basic groups: "neoconservatives," moderates, the Christian Right, and extremists.

Guardian Interview: Richard Clarke with Julian Borger

Julian Borger in Washington talks to former White House insider Richard Clarke about US's vulnerability to al-Qaida before the September 11 attack.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Nice Job, King George! Up With Sharon! Down with International Law and the U. S. Constitution

Lutheran pastor and American paleo-con Mark Dankof observes that targeted killings, assassinations, and atrocities are AOK with George Bush, the neo-cons, and the crackpots in the Dispensational prophecy wing of the American Christian Right--as long as the perpetrators are Ariel Sharon and the State of Israel. This article is courtesy of today's front page of Al Jazeera.

Mark Dankof

The evangelical roots of US unilateralism by Duane Oldfield

The most important basis for this partnership is a common support for Israel or, to put it more accurately, for the Likud Party's vision of Israel's interests.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

If Clarke Is Right, Bush Must Go by Christopher Deliso

For the Neocons, "The Absence of Evidence Is Not The Evidence of Absence".

Was It All Planned? Iraq and Empire-Builders by Jon Basil Utley

It should be noted that those who benefit from war or the threat of war are many more than just the old military-industrial complex, warned about by former President Eisenhower. Indeed remember that most of the uniformed military opposed the attack on Iraq. It was pro-war neocon civilians who took over Pentagon policy making positions.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Fox News: trumpet of Israel's hard right by PAUL CONANT

The political orientation of Fox, which terms its coverage unbiased, reflects the policy of the so-called neocons, or neoconservatives, who argue that American (or British or Australian) national interests are very close to the national interests of Israel, as interpreted by the Israeli hard right.

Chalabi's Secret PR Shop - Bob Dreyfuss

Ahmad Chalabi, Richard Perle's friend and the neocons' darling, is getting some covert help from the Pentagon and a pair of former CIA officials. The Pentagon's money is being funneled through a shady PR firm called The Rendon Group.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Roots Of The Neo-Con Junta by Paul Kincaid Jamieson


A Dialogue About Leo Strauss, and the Effect of His Nihilist Philosophy Today

It's called The Political Ideas of Leo Strauss. And what she explained, is what was obvious, really, as soon as she did, that Strauss was communicating, regardless of the content of what he was teaching . . . regardless of the content of what he was teaching, on the first level he was actually, by his example, teaching people to lie.

Reality and Lies: The NWO Zionist Neo-Con War Machine (part four) by Victor Thorn

Vince Cannistro, former CIA Chief of Counter-Terrorism, spoke out on the neo-con crowd: “Their methods are vicious. The politicization of intelligence is pandemic, and deliberate disinformation is being promoted. They choose the worst-case scenario on everything, and so much of the information is fallacious.”

Reality and Lies: The NWO Zionist Neo-Con War Machine (part three) by Victor Thorn

In other words, our invasion of Iraq rests on false pretenses, and the neo-con, Zionist, New World Order agenda was never fully disclosed to the American public.

Iraq One Year Later by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Is America better off as a result of our war in Iraq? The young men and women who were hurt or killed certainly are no better off. Their families are no better off. Taxpayers are no better off. Whether we are safer from terrorism here at home is an open question.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Christison on the Neocons - War Without End

Unpatriotic (and Bloodthirsty) Neocons by Thomas DiLorenzo

So, the FreeRepublic/Dittohead/Hannityloving/NationalReviewReading/Bloodthirsty war proponents are directly causing the death of more and more young American soldiers by continuing to support this military aggression. They are Unpatriotic Neocons, in other words, a label that should also be applied to David Frum, Max Boot, Bill Kristol, and all the rest of the neocon establishment and its blind followers.

The Entire Bush Foreign Policy is based on a Dubious Narrative of US History by Tristram Hunt

Although the neoconservative polemicist Charles Krauthammer has declared America to be "the dominant power in the world, more dominant than any since Rome", and Paul Bremer, the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, sounds every day more like an Edwardian viceroy, the White House is adamant that the war on terror is distinct from the colonial ambitions of previous great powers.

Neoconservatives and Trotskyism by Bill King

NEOCON site, ESR: While paleoconservatives usually have little impact outside of intellectual circles, their "Trotskyist neocon" assertion has rapidly entered mainstream political discussion.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


The "neoconservatives" who run the Bush regime all have close ties with the Likud government in Tel Aviv and the Zionist lobby groups in Washington. In 1997, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) declared: "Jinsa has been working closely with Iraqi National Council leader Dr Ahmad Chalabi to promote Saddam Hussein's removal from office..." Chalabi is the CIA-backed stooge and convicted embezzler at present organising the next "democratic" government in Baghdad.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Is everyone who fails to follow Bush guilty of "appeasement"? by James Pinkerton

The day after the Madrid terror bombing, the neoconservative press -- should we call it the "neocontern"? . . . Of course, the real object of the neocon word blitz wasn't to soothe the Spanish, but rather to propagandize Americans; the neocons don't really care about Spain.

A Nation of Victims by Taki

The neocons forced an agenda on President Bush that will most likely make him a one-term president.

One Year After the Invasion: Baghdad and Beyond by Tom Barry

While neocon institutes such as PNAC and AEI were laying out the overall agenda, the specific targets of the neocon transformative strategy have been developed by region- and country-focused front groups created and led by neoconservatives. One of the most successful neocon groups was the US Committee on NATO, directed by Bruce Jackson.

Friday, March 19, 2004

The NeoCon Standard by Greg Whitaker

The intellectual bankruptcy of neoconservatism is based upon the fact that the public and the press has allowed these loudmouthed bullies to define the terms of our national political discussion, to dictate the terms under which it may be conducted, and to draw uncontested conclusions from their own deeply biased concoctions of reality which are wholly unsupported by the facts.
(nice start - freefall downhill for the rest)

Rift Over Iraq Belies Much Deeper Strains by Jim Lobe

His statements prompted a number of attacks by right-wing and neo-conservative allies of the Bush administration, who accused him of "appeasement" in the war on terrorism.

Buchanan's White Whale by Lawrence Auster

ENEMY WATCH: Another Frontpage quisling article. Avoid the site - View from the Right, on more closet NeoCon in denial.

Neocons - They caused the Iraq war

HUNDREDS of articles have spelled out how a clique of far-right “neoconservatives” allied with the Bush family misled America into the nightmarish Iraq War, presumably to gain control of Iraq’s oil and curb threats to Israel.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Successful Strategic Bombing

The Madrid bombings brought the war home to Spanish soil, which suddenly made Spain’s participation in it issue number one. Why was Spain in Iraq? The government had no answer, because there really was none.

Taking Stock One Year After the U.S. Invasion of Iraq by Robert Higgs

The prosecution of a war serves so splendidly to promote government power and to gratify a president's delusions of war-leader "greatness".

Valiant Neocons, Spanish Appeasers: Manipulating Madrid's Tragedy by Christopher Deliso

The neocon accusation of Spanish cowardice is especially galling when we consider that the perceived relation between war and retributive terrorism is not new – and hardly some knee-jerk reaction lacking any historical basis.

For Christ’s Sake, It’s Just a Movie! The ‘Passion,’ War and America - Christopher Deliso

President Bush’s power base is with the evangelicals first and foremost; up to now they have spoken with one voice with neocons of all stripes over the need to defend Israel. Could an estrangement be in the offing?

The Neocon Case for Imprisoning and Executing Congressional War Opponents

The neocon cabal is beginning to make the case for imprisoning – or possibly executing – members of Congress who oppose the war in Iraq. An example of this development is a December 23 Insight magazine article by senior editor J. Michael Waller entitled "When Does Politics Become Treason?"

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Reality and Lies: The NWO Zionist Neo-Con War Machine by Victor Thorn

The deadly OSP was directed by Leo Strauss’ protégé Adam Shulsky, and overseen by Under-Secretary of Defense William Luti . . . Shulsky & company ultimately took precedence over every other intelligence agency, causing the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to quake in fear, while at the same time declaring that the CIA didn’t have what it took to “get the job done.

Jewish ‘neocons’ tilt U.S. policy by RON CSILLAG

“A lot of ink has been spilled chronicling the pro-Israel leanings of American neocons and the fact that a disproportionate percentage of them are Jewish,” states the article, titled “Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?”

Neocons at work: Israel gets its 1st slice of Iraqi pie by Ed Blanche

Israel’s desire to exploit US control of Iraq became abundantly clear in early 2003, when Israel’s finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, annulled a long-standing prohibition on Israeli companies trading with Iraq, opening the door for possible business following Saddam’s removal.

A delegation from Israel’s foreign intelligence service, Mossad, reportedly visited Baghdad in August 2003 to coordinate anti-terrorist efforts with the Americans.

The Meaning of Madrid - The road to World War IV by Justin Raimondo

The neocons wanted a new world war – and now they have it. That is the meaning of the Madrid attacks, in which 201 people were killed and over a thousand wounded, for which Al Qaeda has taken responsibility.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Untruth And Consequences

A final, and not unimportant, concern about the neocons is their adherence to the Machiavellian teachings of the late University of Chicago philosopher Lewis Strauss. Nicolo Machiavelli, mentor to the Renaissance Italian Borgias, taught that the successful prince must and should lie and mislead. This philosophy echoed that of Plato who taught that statesmen had to use "noble lies" to lead the ignorant masses for their own good.

The rocky road to truth by BLAKE GREEN

"A lot of Democrats and liberals supported the war. And some Republicans have seen it ["Embedded"] and loved it. They're as concerned with the rise of the 'neocons' as I am," says Robbins, using slang for "neoconservatives."


Corporations, the religious right and neocon world dominators form the three pillars of the modern Republican Party . . . "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

Hand-Wringing Neocon Kagan, Spiteful Will Denounce Democracy, Slime Karen

George Will’s underline willful ignorance alongside Kagan’s crocodile tears exposes the shabby, threadbare ideology of the empire: these esteemed intellectoids purportedly support “democracy” around the world. But when Spain votes democratically, they cavil and condescend: those confusing Spaniards, why, they’re still fighting their silly Civil War (well, we’re still fighting ours too).

The Vital Center Taunts the Disenfranchised Left by Mark Hand

"The only noteworthy difference between the two groups battling for power in Washington is that the neocons are willing to pursue their imperial ambitions in full view of the international community, while the progressive internationalists prefer to keep their imperial agenda hidden behind the cloak of multilateralism."

The West was warned. Now it is paying the price of the 'war on terror' by Robert Fisk

If America's neo-conservatives believe in the "war of civilisations", then so does al-Qa'ida: what other effect could the Madrid slaughter have in the West than to reinforce the notion - however preposterous historically - that Islam and the West were in conflict?

Monday, March 15, 2004

After November...? by Tom Engelhardt

From the neocons, laid out in documents long before the Bush administration ever took office, came a vision of remaking the Middle East in the interests of a new American global imperium and -- these two goals were not separated by the likudniks of this administration -- in the interests of Sharon's Israel. Iraq would be whacked down.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Neo-Cons and Israeli Espionage

The Neo-Cons certainly want to replace Republic with Empire; but even worse, credible allegations continue to surface about the Israeli intelligence connections of key Neo-Cons advising Mr. Bush from key vantage points of the American National Security State. Where is the Congress? The American media conglomerates? We must continue to watch, Buchanan's The American Conservative, Lew, Sobran's, and Gordon Thomas's Globe Intel on-line newsletter for further information on this burgeoning problem--along with the responsible foreign press which is less owned by the Israeli lobby than our own.

Anybody for a research project tracing Israeli money and influence from The New Republic all the way to Falwell and Robertson?

Mark Dankof

Bush's war is a financial disaster by ERIC MARGOLIS

The neo-cons achieved their objective: Iraq, once the Arab world's most developed, industrialized nation, a bitter foe of Israel, was destroyed, and will likely end up split into three weak mini-states. Israel is a primary beneficiary of the Iraq war: a potential nuclear rival was eliminated by the U.S.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Tenet's Timidity May Prove Suicidal by Christopher Deliso

For Tenet to argue that his job discretion means not publicly blowing the whistle on brazen liars who are simultaneously undercutting his authority and incurring the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and Iraqis, is more than irresponsible. It’s downright negligent.

Friday, March 12, 2004

The Anti-Empire Report - Neo-con(tradictions) by WILLIAM BLUM

Colin Powell showed that he can be a neo-con hardliner just like the rest of the Bushgang.

Inside the War Party by Justin Raimondo

Karen Kwiatkowski, the neocons' worst nightmare, exposes the cabal that lied us into war . . . Boot and his fellow neocons can run, but they can't hide, and they certainly won't get away with such balderdash.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Noble lies and perpetual war: Leo Strauss, the neo-cons, and Iraq by Danny Postel

Are the ideas of the conservative political philosopher Leo Strauss a shaping influence on the Bush administration’s world outlook? Danny Postel interviews Shadia Drury – a leading scholarly critic of Strauss.

Neocons' Iraq Strategy Now Focused on Syria

Thread from Liberty Forum

The new Pentagon papers by Karen Kwiatkowski

I witnessed neoconservative agenda bearers within OSP usurp measured and carefully considered assessments, and through suppression and distortion of intelligence analysis promulgate what were in fact falsehoods to both Congress and the executive office of the president.

'The Passion' and the Neocons by Jim Lobe

In his 1995 hagiography, The Neoconservative Vision, Gerson wrote that neoconservatives – Jewish and gentile – moved to the right largely out of anger over the perceived failure of liberals to adequately defend Israel and other domestic "Jewish" priorities after the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict.

CIA Chief Clueless on Neocon Intelligence Channel by Jim Lobe

"Did you ever discuss with the secretary of defense or other administration officials whether the Department of Defense policy office run by Mr. Feith might be bypassing normal intelligence channels?"

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

JINSA/PNAC Zionist (Neocon) Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq

When you read the following, keep in mind that Douglas Feith is a JINSA/PNAC Zionist extremist Jew who is pictured at as we really need to put the heat on these nefarious traitors to America (like Feith, Bolton, Perle, etc)

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Conservatives Use Oil to Keep Heat on Mideast

With threats of a Venezuelan oil blockade helping to push petroleum prices higher, neo-conservative politicians and analysts continue to insist the biggest threat to U.S. energy supplies is Washington's reliance on Middle East oil.

Weapons of Misdirection by Tom Barry

The neoconservatives, strongly backed the right-wing Zionist lobby through such groups as the Orthodox Union and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, have followed a similar strategy to advance their agenda for political transformation in Syria and Lebanon.

William Safire, minister of disinformation by Barry Lando

Those charges were based on the leak of a secret memorandum from Douglas Feith (who is a JINSA/PNAC Zionist extremist associated with fellow JINSA/PNAC Zionist extremist warmonger Richard Perle as you can see both at ), a senior Pentagon official, to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee.

Bush's domestic politics and the pro-Israeli tilt by James O. Goldsborough

One criticizes Israel at the risk of being called anti-Semitic. New York Times columnist William Safire, who acts as the official media spokesman for Israel, lashes out at the "ridicule of liberal pundits" like Mary McGrory to Mark Shields who dare to criticize Israel.

Neocons Huddled in the Eye of the Storm by Christopher Deliso

“…Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, James R. Wilkinson, legislative liaison Nicholas E Calio, and I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, the Vice President's chief of staff – and the leading suspect in this case. All will have been hauled up before the grand jury and questioned before this is over, and investigators dig deeper into the multi-leveled propaganda operation that lied us into war.”

Monday, March 08, 2004

What is the neocon position on Israel? by WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY Jr.

More disinformation from a phony conservative and a CIA stooge.

Polemic with Neo-Conservatives

Haiti to become a colony again?

One is left to wonder if there is not, perhaps, a very thinly veiled message in this piracy to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and President Lula da Silva of Brazil. The neocons such as Wolfowitz and Cheney are certainly that arrogant. Are they that stupid?

US-Iran: Ad Hoc Détente to Continue Despite Conservative Sweep by Jim Lobe

The hawks, led by neo-conservatives and other hard-liners around Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney, have charged that Iran has "harbored" senior al-Qaeda officials since the former ruling Taliban was ousted in neighboring Afghanistan at the end of 2001.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Bush planned Iraq regime change before becoming President by NEIL MACKAY

The document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Friday, March 05, 2004

Twilight of the Neocons by Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke

Allies of Perle and Frum still occupy powerful positions in the Bush administration, and the ideas and worldview expressed in their book remain influential there. Still, there is a growing sense within the GOP in Washington that the neoconservative agenda may have created problems whose solutions are elusive--or worse.

Faltering Neo-Cons Still Dangerous by BILL CHRISTISON

Raising the charge of anti-Semitism against those who criticize U.S. -- and Israeli -- policies is, to put it bluntly, appalling but not surprising.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Mission to Planet Rumsfeld by James Wilsdon

Plans for Gulf war II were first rolled out on the boardroom table of a neo-conservative thinktank in Washington a couple of years before George W Bush was elected.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004 - ''Playing the Chalabi card'' - ''Playing the Chalabi card''

Reality 1, Neocons 0 by William S. Lind

While the neo-cons’ thesis says nothing about reality, it says a great deal about the neo-cons themselves. First, it tells us that they are ideologues. All ideologies posit that certain things must be true, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Heresy at National Review

Sounds like Buckley took Buchanan's words to heart and decided to send Frum and Perle a rebuke, albeit one softened by some criticism of their detractors.

EYE on the ENEMY: George Soros, Postmodern Villain by Srdja Trifkovic

Soros supports increased government spending and tax increases, drug legalization, euthanasia, open borders and immigration, immigrant entitlements, feminism, free abortion on demand, affirmative action, and "gay" rights.

The Splintering of the Right by Rick Freedman

Now Buchanan has taken on the neo-cons in his most direct attack yet. In "No End to War", his review of Perle and Frum's book, Buchanan concludes that the neoconservative moment may be over.

Iran: Neoconservatism's Last Stand? by Christopher Deliso

What the neocons fear most is a peaceful solution to the "crisis" in Iran (or anywhere else, for that matter) as such a solution would repudiate their oafish, belligerent approach to foreign policy.

EYE on the ENEMY: David Frum's Diary - PASSIONATA

Is Mel Gibson a Holocaust denier?


What was the real reason why last week, Richard Perle, one of the hard-line neocons behind the US invasion of Iraq, resigned from the Defense Policy Board ---of which he had once been chairman?