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Bush's Own Gettysburg Demise is Coming: The State of Pennsylvania on November 2nd by Mark Dankof for Al Jazeerah (Aug 4)

August 4, 2004

The Miami Herald is to be credited with duly noting the political end of George W. Bush and his American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) sycophant, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). In its August 2nd edition, the paper underscores the significance of the victory of Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Peroutka, and his sidekick, Pennsylvania Constitution Party U. S. Senate candidate Jim Clymer (the National Chairman of the Party), in collecting the 36,000 signatures necessary in the state to assure the appearance of both on the November ballot. One correctly surmises that Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Senator Specter, and Karl Rove are having a sleepless night in reading these pivotal developments at

The implications are obvious to all except the controlled Corporate American media and its pals in the Israeli lobby in the United States. Pennsylvania is the state tapped by such experienced pols as Jeff Greenfield of ABC News as the key battleground state in deciding the ultimate outcome of an American Presidential race thought to be extremely close. And Mr. Bush made what will prove to be the political mistake of his career in following up on an ill-fated decision to launch a preemptive war against Iraq with another unwelcome intervention--overt meddling in the U. S. Senate Republican Primary in Pennsylvania this past spring by supporting Mr. Specter's re-nomination against conservative challenger Pat Toomey, a sitting Republican in the U. S. Congress who exposed Mr. Specter's actual Rockefeller Republican voting record on a variety of bill! s and issues--including the latter's support of the American abortion lobby across the board. Conservative Republicans who belong to evangelical Protestant Christian and Roman Catholic parishes across the state are not amused in the slightest. They are visibly angry with Bush, with Specter, with the Rockefeller Republican Establishment in bed with both men, and the grim prospects embodied by it all. The New York Times story the day after Bush's rescue of Mr. AIPAC in the Pennsylvania Republican Primary credited Planned Parenthood, the poster agency for abortion-on-demand in America, with providing the political and financial support necessary to insure Specter's re-nomination as the U. S. Senate candidate for a Bush-led Republican Party. This was the last straw for social conservatives in Pennsylvania, who felt both betrayed and disenfranchised. Recent in-house! Republican grumbling over a New York Republican National Convention controlled by David Rockefeller and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has only exacerbated the tensions felt by members of the Real Right in the Party who increasingly have been complaining that they have nowhere to turn in the November election to express their furious sense of having been had.

Until now. The addition of Michael Peroutka and Jim Clymer to the state ballot virtually guarantees the victory of Democrats John Kerry and Joe Hoeffel over Bush and Specter respectively, in Pennsylvania, by guaranteeing the subtraction of angry conservative votes from King George's column. Not only are pro-life evangelical Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox voters about to inform Mr. Bush in November that they will not allow Arlen Specter and his pro-abortion views to be used by the latter to veto any potential pro-life judicial nominees submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee for approval---they are also about to send the President a message at the fall ballot box that the rest of his performance in office has been weighed in the balance--and found wanting.

Real American conservatives have never liked the Bush family and Empire. It has received many of their grudging votes in the past only because of an overwhelming and decisive dislike of Democratic candidates like Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, and now John Kerry. But this time is different in that the Dubya Record since 2000 is comprised of the snowballing, catastrophic effects of a never-ending Iraq War; the accompanying $550 billion dollar federal budget deficits; a $7 trillion dollar national debt; the Bush-Ashcroft USA Patriot Act; and the ongoing destruction of domestic jobs in the United States rooted in the increasingly anemic manufacturing sector of the American economy. Now that Mr. Bush's deliberate betrayal of Christian and socially conservative voters in his own Party is in the process of being nationally exposed through the coverage of his alliance with pro-abortion AIPAC lackey Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, any vestige of a coherent Republican re-election strategy for November is starting to fray and tear at the seams like a cheap suit.

Mr. Specter's Democratic challenger, Joseph Hoeffel, openly assisted the Constitution Party, Mr. Peroutka, and Mr. Clymer, in obtaining the signatures necessary to field themselves in Pennsylvania as Presidential and U. S. Senate candidates in the fall. Word in Washington has it that Hoeffel clearly did so, not only in his own obvious interest, but at the behest of John Kerry who recognizes that national victory is now clearly within his grasp in this deciding contest to the political death. The Bush camp is presently terrorized at the thought that Michael Peroutka and the Constitution Party are in probable covert alliance with Kerry and Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe in the other remaining key battleground states as well, signaling not only the beginning of Dubya's political swan song, but the future national establishment of the Constitution Party as a force to be reckoned with in future elections, to the chagrin of the Bush-Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party about to tank in three months time. Their demise is well deserved. They have worked overtime for it.

Mark Dankof's advice as a bona-fide member of the historic American Right--the paleo-conservative wing of that movement--to Michael Peroutka and Jim Clymer? Make the issue of War, Empire, and the Coming American Draft the compelling argument against both Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry, along with the nefarious influence of the Israeli Lobby in both of America's major political parties and their respective Presidential campaigns. Whack both of them on the destruction of the American working middle class and its beloved manufacturing jobs during the watch of both Republicans and Democrats. And reiterate that Real Americans and American Conservatives have had it with the expenditure of innocent lives, billions of dollars, and positive political capital in the interest of promoting Zionism, Ariel Sharon, and the Neo-Conservative cabal running American foreign policy in both Republican and Democratic Administrations.

The Miami Herald has it right. The 2nd American Revolution has begun--with guys named Peroutka and Clymer--in a place called Pennsylvania--where Bush's Gettysburg and Pickett's Charge demise can be tuned in worldwide on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004.

And I have one question for Michael Peroutka and Jim Clymer to ask George W. Bush and Senator Arlen Specter. In the wake of Mordechai Vanunu's recent disclosures in Israel that the Mossad assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963 at David Ben-Gurion's request--to stop American pressure designed to bring Israeli nuclear programs at Dimona under IAEA inspection--is there any significance to the fact that it was Arlen Specter of AIPAC fame and lore, who designed the "single-bullet" theory for the Warren Commission in its cover-up of the truth surrounding the events in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas 41 years ago? Just wondering.

(Mark Dankof is a Lutheran pastor and post-graduate student in systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. In 2000, he was the Constitution Party candidate for the United States Senate against William Roth and Thomas Carper in Delaware. He is a correspondent for SARTRE's Breaking All the Rules ( and the Southern heritage site ( ) . He is also an occasional contributor to CASCFEN; IranDokht; PersianMirror; The Iranian; Nile Media; Al Bawaba; and the American libertarian site, Strike-the Root. His own web page is entitled Mark Dankof's America.

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