Monday, January 03, 2011

Why do Neo-con / Zionists attack the only US President to bring peace to the Middle East?

Clinton negotiators during the 2000 talks between Israel & Palestine have stated on record that the United States did not act as impartial negotiators but rather as Israel’s lawyer.

The Project for a New American Century and their accomplices in the media and AIPAC bribed congressional members are now calling for another 100,000 women and children dead and thousands of American “goyum” troops dead through another pre-emptive war of Israeli agression – this one in Iran.

The United States funded Saddam Huessein for decades.
The United States backed Bin Laden for over a decade.
Iraq was never a threat to the security of the United States.
There were no WMDs in Iraq
9/11 was conducted by Saudis

Jimmy Carter, The President of Peace
Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace
George Bush, The President of Pre-emptive, Unjust, Illegal War
There will never be peace when people call others animals or islamofacists which is parroted by the idiotic Neo-Cons every second on talk radio and on television.

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