Sunday, January 30, 2011

Neocon ideology meets political reality

Now that it’s all but certain Mubarak is about to lose power, some Neocons claim it’s a good thing. Why, they’ve always supported democracy, and free elections. Right. So why, one wonders, did these champions of empire freedom remain silent while the US propped up the Mubarak dictatorship with billions of financial support over the years? Why did the US provide arms to this tyrant? The Egyptians know that even the tear gas used against them is American made.

Apparently Neocons haven’t noticed the anti-American rage behind the protests. Or maybe they’re just so ideologically blind and deaf, it doesn’t register.

Let’s see how happy they are about what replaces their puppet in Cairo. Until then, Egyptians are partying like’s it’s 1979.

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