Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Neocons Have Lost It

Since I triumphantly declared that at last, the neocon Hitler-Stalin pact moment had arrived, the neocons have rushed headlong into insisting that the global democratic revolution lives. Each example is just such a spectacle to behold in itself that they must be listed one by one:

•Max Boot: “We’re all neocons now.” One is left speechless. Is the idea that a Straussian divination of the speeches of Hassan al-Banna shows his secret purpose to have been to promulgate the wit and wisdom of Partisan Review?

•Michael Ledeen makes a convoluted argument for a completely nonsensical premise – that we must re-engineer the Green Revolution in Iran, and then all will be right and the People’s Democracy will prevail in Egypt and beyond.

•Josh Muravchik is suddenly a believer in Obama’s magical power to sway the crowds to turn them toward his pet Egyptian Chalabi. One would conclude this is just a transparent attempt to urge Obama to do the worst possible thing he could do if the stakes weren’t so deadly serious. And check out this whopper lest there be any doubt of how completely divorced from reality Muravchik’s pet cause of Arab “democracy” is.

•But the unabashed chutzpah award has to go to Leon Wieseltier

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