Saturday, January 08, 2011

What's weird is the fact that anyone still reads the National Review

The weirdest possible article to appear in the Neocon Review was the paean to Trotsky by the man who claims to have invented the idiotic and oxymoronic term "Islamofascist."

It was titled "Trotsky-cons?" and it was written by one of the more desperate characters to try to pass himself off as a conservative in those dreadful days of George W. Bush.

His name was Stephen Schwartz and he claimed to have coined the word "Islamofascism," a nonsense term that conflates two totally opposite forces: Islamic fundamentalists and their biggest enemies, old-time fascists like Saddam Hussein who killed them by the tens of thousands.

Schwartz was a former Red Diaper baby with the finest Marxist credentials who had converted to Islam and then ... well you get the idea. How the hell could someone like this pass himself off as a right-winger?

Yet pass himself off he did and in June of 2003 he got the online edition of National Review to publish his ode to that murderous Marxist madman whose theory of international liberation inspired such founders of neoconservatism as Irving Kristol - who passed the philosophy on to his idiot son Bill, who somehow convinced the New York Times to let him be its "conservative" columnist.

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Whitey Lawful said...

Fascism is of a distinct Catholic origin. Authoritarianism is no doubt the rest of the worlds problem. As we in a nativist manner attempt to purge such influence from our midst.

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