Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peter King…Another Knee-Jerk Neocon

It seems that we have to be thought the Scott Brown story many times before we learn. Peter King is the latest to so ably teach it to us. The new anti- terrorism golden boy pushed front and center by the new Speaker of the House John Bohner introduced a new bill that will keep everyone safe, especially politicians. The new chairman of the Homeland Security Committee’s bill bars anyone from carrying a gun within 1,000 feet of a federal official.

Wow? Really? I’m wondering how exactly is a law abiding citizen to know who is or who isn’t a federal official? Will all such “federal officials” carry prominently displayed badges or ID tags? That’s a great idea ain’t it? The bad guys will then know exactly whom to attack! That ought to keep “federal officials” safe and secure.

On a level closer to reality we have to ask Peter King what exactly makes him think that psychopathic left wing nut jobs like Jarred Laughner would obey this law? “Oh I was going to shoot federal officials today but I can’t because of Peter King’s law” says Jarred to himself and walks away without popping a shot.

Times of crisis is when the electorate is most vulnerable. Is Peter King’s law something that promotes freedom? The why introduce it now? The answer is simple, Peter King is attempting to hijack the emotional vulnerability of the country to push his anti gun agenda- yes the NRA gives him a “D”. I’ve had it with the neocons!

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