Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gamal Mubarak flees Egypt?

The president implied in his speech last night that we Americans will back revolution everywhere. We have done this kind of thing before; Hungary - 1956, Cuba - at the Bay of Pigs, Czechoslovakia - 1968, The Iraqi Shia at the end of the Gulf War I could go on.... We seem to believe that "American Exceptionalism" makes us the "uber nanny" of the world. The March 14 Coalition in Lebanon fell apart under the pressure of what was and is largely US insistence on the STL process. Now the US government is calling the formation of a new parliamentaty coalition a "coup." What kind of childish pique and nonsense is that?

The neocon creed calls for revolution everywhere. This is a reflection of the Troskyist origins of the movement. The US ended by backing Khomeini's revolution in Iran against the Pahlevis. Are we happy with the results of the "master stroke? The US is seeking what amounts to revolution in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are we happy with what we are creating? People comment here that the neocon influence in Washington is ended. What a joke!

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