Saturday, January 29, 2011

Neocons Love Mubarak

In the heyday of the War Party’s triumphalism, when George W. Bush launched his war to “liberate” Iraq, the neocons were predicting a regional revolution in the Arab states that would overthrow anti-American governments from Iraq to Syria to Iran? Well, the revolution’s arrived, but it wasn’t sparked by US imperialism and it isn’t directed against the necons’ unfavorite regimes — it’s directed at pro-US governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen. And the neocons don’t like it one bit. Here’s the Weekly Standard on the events in Egypt:

“It is not always a good thing when people go to the streets; indeed the history of revolutionary action shows that people go to the streets to shed blood more often than they do to demand democratic reforms. Perhaps it is an appetite for activist politics that explains why so many Western observers are now captured by the moment. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why it seems as if no one had learned from the failures of the Bush administration’s freedom agenda—namely the Palestinian Authority elections that empowered Hamas—or could remember its successes.”

It’s only a good thing when people go into the streets if they’re sock puppets being manipulated by Washington. That’s the neocon version of a “democratic revolution.”

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