Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jihad Watch on Neocons

It amuses me when I hear some people talk about Neocons, either as though they don't actually exist, or as though neoconservatism is the only sort of conservatism there is. I enjoyed this l'il comment:

...neoconservatism, for all its pretense of being tough-minded and militaristic, is at heart an ideology based on the following premises:

a) People tend to act in their own rational self-interest.

b) Not everyone is smart enough to understand where his self-interest lies.

c) We are. (Just look at our SAT scores!) In fact, we're so clever, we even know our enemies' self-interest better than they do.

d) So we can explain it to them, and eventually they'll come around to agree with us.

e) Then everyone will be Americans.

This was the logic underlying our disastrous invasion of Iraq.

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