Saturday, September 01, 2012

Romney's Neocon Foreign-Policy Clichés

I realize convention speeches aren't the place for think-tank-worthy critiques of an incumbent's foreign policy. But couldn't Romney do better than spout neocon abstractions that, when fleshed out, don't make any sense? He's so allergic to concrete specificity that he didn't even mention the war America is currently involved in! (Reminder to Mitt: That would be Afghanistan--and it's another example of a dictator-removing war launched by a Republican president that, um, hasn't gone exactly as planned.)

So convention watchers were left to wonder which high-profile convention speaker who did mention Afghanistan we should take as a Romney spokesperson--raving lunatic John McCain, who apparently wants to stay in Afghanistan forever, or doddering eccentric Clint Eastwood, who apparently wants to leave Afghanistan tomorrow? I'm more of an Eastwood guy myself. I doubt Romney even knows what sort of a guy he is. And I don't want to find out in real time.

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