Saturday, September 08, 2012

Democrats lionize Obama for foreign policy and maul Romney as a 'neocon' novice

The Democratic National Convention aimed to reignite the fire in the hearts and minds of 2008 Obama supporters — to remind Americans why they voted for the president four years ago and why they should support him again this coming November.

The speakers who took to the stage over the course of the DNC sang President Obama’s praises, highlighting the strength of his character as well as his track record in several policy areas. Viewers were reminded of the lives and the companies that were saved by "Obamacare" and the Recovery Act. Emotional testaments were delivered touting President Obama’s focus on veteran services, student loan programs, the DREAM Act and women’s issues.

But on Thursday, the final night of the convention, foreign policy took center stage. That's a policy area that pundits say has been dominated by the Republican Party for decades. And the Democrats were anything but nice.

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