Sunday, September 30, 2012

FBI Investigating NeoCon Lobbyist For False Flag Terrorism Threats

Pete goes over the events surrounding the controversial call for a false flag by The Washington Institutes Patrick Clawson and calls the FBI field office in Washington DC to ask that the matter be investigated. Officer 1642 of the FBI promised to look into the matter.

Mr. Clawson said last Friday in a meeting that included the Atlantic Counsel he was not advocating anything but that getting the President to move on the matter of going to war with Iran would be hard and that a iranian submarine could just go down one day and never come back up … He then asked, “who would know?” Clawson used historical false flag attacks as examples such as Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin to show how false flags are effective in a Presidents call to war. In the second hour Pete talks about the misinformation surrounding the murder and Rape of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the similarities to the rape and murder of Maummar Gaddafi. People in the region are calling the incident payback for the death of Gaddafi and that it had nothing to do with The film Innocense of Muslims.

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