Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chickenhawks Come Home To Roost — in BOTH Parties

Lew, apparently the neocons are digging up their old playbook from the early Bush years: everyone who opposes them is an anti-Semite.

Once again, we have the wonderful Trotskyite dialectic — what Orwell called "DoubleThink": what was bad for Maureen Dowd to say (neocons have commandeered the Romney Campaign) is proclaimed with proud braggadocio when uttered by a neocon (Obama is a "born-again neocon," boasts Kid Kristol).

How can this be? Here is the key: Dr. Paul correctly identified the neocon principle of "noble lying" almost ten years ago — long before the nation had to suffer the disastrous consequences. "Truth will make you free," said Solzhenitsyn (NOT a neocon!), but falsehood always brings violence in its wake."

The forbidden question: Why can neocons celebrate their triumphs freely, while critics who point them out are vilified as bigots?

And it's curious, isn't it, that those who pulled the trigger on Dowd for telling the truth didn't brag about it instead? Here enters DoubleThink: They did, they do, and they will. After all, two "born-again neocons" are the major party "choices" in the coming presidential elections.

The neocons can't lose. Their dirty little secret? DoubleThink dialectic allows them to weep, even as they gloat.

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