Monday, April 30, 2012

Chris Matthews: Will Obama’s Risky Decision On Bin Laden Raid Inoculate Him From Foreign Policy Criticism?

Matthews then played a clip of both Liz Cheney and John Bolton trying to give more credit to the preceding administration, with Bolton saying that Obama’s biggest contribution to taking out bin Laden was “getting out of the way.” Katty Kay said that after a cursory reading of the Time piece, it’s fairly clear that Bolton is incorrect. She said that contrary to what Bolton said, Obama was “intimately involved” in carrying out the mission.

Matthews then shifted the discussion to Obama’s reelection campaign and whether or not the successful mission will inoculate Obama from criticism that he is weak on foreign policy. Cooper said that while Romney really wants to hit Obama for his foreign policy, it’s going to be a hard sell. Ignatius noted that the campaign may end up painting an “Obama v. Osama” narrative where both men were trying to kill each other but the president ended up being successful and cutting off the head of the snake, as it were.

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