Friday, April 27, 2012

An Airman’s Story of Changing From a Neocon to Libertarian Anarchist

I was inspired after reading Ssgt. Rodriguez’s story and would like to share my own. I am currently an Airman first class in the Air Force and am awaiting discharge from the military. I, like Ssgt. Rodriguez, am a libertarian anarchist and share many of the same beliefs that he does.

Growing up I was always interested in politics. I was a huge "Bush Republican". I thought Bush was the greatest president ever and I thought anyone who opposed the wars was just a stupid bleeding heart liberal. I never thought about joining the military until my senior year of high school. I often joke that if you told me junior year that I was going to be enlist in the Air Force I would have said you’re crazy! I originally was going to enlist in the Army and wanted to eventually join the green berets.

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