Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NeoCon Kristol: It's Going to be President Romney

Writing at his flagship rag, Bill Kristol proclaims:

... if I had to put money down now, I’d bet that Mitt Romney will win an easy victory after a relatively predictable, issue-focused, and not-too-nasty campaign. Indeed, I’d bet Romney will win precisely if he runs such a campaign. But if he allows the race to degenerate into name-calling and gotcha gimmicks, he could lose. Democrats are better than Republicans at the small and nasty stuff... Romney can give serious speeches about the Constitution and the Supreme Court, the case for limited government and the threat of bankruptcy and penury, about undoing Obamacare and what will replace it

So when Romney-Ryan defeats Obama-Biden (or will it be Obama-Clinton?) by 53 to 46 percent on Election Day 2012—remember that you read it here first.

Actually, the only person who is running an issued-focused campaign and giving serious speeches about the Constitution is Ron Paul, and the crowds he is drawing prove that he is hitting a note with Americans. Kristol is signalling to Romney to use the Ron Paul method, so we get a phony move back to the Constitution, rather than the real thing with Ron Paul. A typical neo-con move, co-opt everything and anything to gain power for the real secret agenda that will result in a destruction of the liberties provided for in the Constitution and more foreign wars.

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