Saturday, April 07, 2012

The path taken by the Republican Party

To achieve their goal of an American empire the neoconservatives need large amounts of money to fund their many wars. Thus, they make a coalition of their own with the corporate backers. The leader of such a coalition whether from the corporate world or a neocon will have to address the concerns of the other group on each and every matter. This opens up door of governmental access to corporate backers and frees up funds for the future wars planned by the neocons. This unholy coalition has led the Republican elite overtime to abandon the Kyoto protocol, start wars in Iraq and Libya, and give tax concessions to the super rich 1% of Americans, allowing shipping of jobs overseas, etc. It must be said that the neocons have taken over the Republican Party for the express purpose of availing the huge funds injected by the corporate backers. The funds were always there the damage has been caused by the neocons getting their hands on it. Thus, the Republican elite’s domestic policies are guided by their corporate interests and in return they are provided by the funds necessary for their illegitimate wars.

In the above arrangement the corporate will keep infusing funds to the neocons only if they continue to dictate Republican Party policy on issues affecting these corporate. For the neocons it was clear that to attract more funds for their wars they have to increase governmental intervention in various spheres of the life’s of their citizens. This meant increasing the role of the government.

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