Monday, April 09, 2012

Had enough war yet? The Neocons think not.

Here we go again. Their seems to be no end to the Neocon appetite for Middle Eastern wars fought by the United States. The rebels in Syria are fighting to set up a Sunni Islamic theocracy and they are of course backed in their aims by Al Qaeda, but pay no attention to that.

A rebel win in Syria will destabilise the Middle East, cause massive numbers of refugees as Alawites and Christians flee and probably give rise rise to another civil war in Lebanon. Pay no attention to that. None of that is in the interests of the West and certainly not in the interest of the people of The USA who will pay the consequences. (see above) Victory for the rebels will end the freedoms Syrians enjoy like rights for women and religious freedom. See Egypt and Libya. However the Neocon march moves on. Hey, they are not doing the fighting or paying for it.

This is a layup to an attack on Iran and is going to blowup in our faces.

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