Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Neo-Con Hypocrites Leverage 'Human Rights' Against China

A man who has championed every war America has fought in recent history, as well as desperately pleading to start a wide array of wars yet fought, including against Syria and Iran, and who has played a part in devising and supporting military campaigns that have cost millions of lives, millions more maimed, displaced or otherwise affected, would be the last person one would expect to peddle "human rights." And especially, one would not suspect such a man to make the bold claim that the United States, whose enforced sanctions against Iraq alone killed over a million women and children through starvation, is the "the greatest champion of human rights in the world."

Yet that is exactly what Max Boot, a Council on Foreign Relations member, as well as a contributor to a myriad of Neo-Conservative, pro-war corporate-financier funded think-tanks, has done.

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