Friday, May 18, 2012

Neocons and the TSA

The TSA has been shown to be one of those evil metastasizing bureaucracies that are as abusive as they are ineffective in carrying out their supposed duties. Stories of abuse of airline passengers, terrorizing little children, committing theft, and ogling people forced to go through porn scanners have demonstrated without a doubt that the "well-trained federal workers" (as they have been called by the New York Times) are the very people who should not be permitted to touch or give orders to anyone.

While the Democratic Party Left (and every other Democrat I know) has enthusiastically supported the TSA and all of its abuses (when confronted with obvious TSA atrocities, TSA director John Pistole has promised "more training," the Progressive mantra and solution to everything), Republicans have been just as bad. The neoconservative Wall Street Journal is no exception, and one of its editors, James Taranto (emphasis on "rant") assures readers that whatever treatment the TSA recently gave Henry Kissinger, it was OK because the TSA is good. Not surprisingly, "Rant-o" the neocon (emphasis on "con") goes off on TSA critics:

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