Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama’s Drone Gang vs. Neocon Battalions

The principal distinctions between Obama’s faction and the opposing group of more extreme warmongers would seem to be along the following lines: Obama represents a faction which wishes to avoid the large-scale commitment of US conventional military forces to foreign wars. This kind of costly conventional warfare is by contrast the stock in trade of the opposing forces who sometimes choose to speak through the neocons. Instead, the group above and behind Obama proposes the use of economic warfare and economic sanctions, color revolutions, coups, subversion, special forces raids, drone attacks, assassinations, and multilateral buck-passing or leading from behind - playing an ally or an enemy against an enemy in the hopes of destroying or weakening both, as with Obama’s current use of Turkey against Syria.

Brennan presides over Terror Tuesdays at the White House, when the drone death list for the week is compiled. John Kerry ran for president in 2004 promising not to end the Iraq war, but to fight it smarter - meaning along the lines now embraced by Obama in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan policy favored by Obama has been articulated by Joe Biden and also in the CIA’s Devine Plan - special forces, drones, occasional bombing, and espionage, with very few boots on the ground.
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