Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chuck Hagel has experience and vision; the neocons attacking him have nothing but ideology

Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel should be a wish-come-true for conservative Republicans. In the Senate, Mr. Hagel was 100 percent pro-life, voted for tax cuts, opposed affirmative action and special rights for homosexuals, and amassed an 87 percent pro-business rating. Mr. Hagel has stated that his only oath of allegiance as a senator was to the U.S. Constitution and not to any president or foreign nation. Unlike many Republican superhawks who may have suffered a few paper cuts in their fantasy-war games, Mr. Hagel is a decorated veteran who bears the scars of war and understands the mission of our military and the perils of war.
Yet the divine coalition of neoconservatives, Israel-first evangelicals and defense-pork profiteers have all unjustly slandered this American patriot. The shadowy "Emergency Committee for Israel" fronted by William Kristol and Gary Bauer -- not exactly alpha males themselves -- is out to destroy the reputation of Chuck Hagel. According to these purists, Mr. Hagel is not pro-Israel enough, not committed to preventive war with Iran and bent on "hollowing out" our military. In other words, he has the courage and realism to pursue a Dwight Eisenhower-like foreign policy completely at odds with neocon dogma.

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