Friday, January 11, 2013

AFP applauds President Obama on his choice to head the war department

Perhaps more important than his change of heart on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the
fact that Hagel, while still in the Senate, had the courage to thumb his nose at the powerful Jewish
lobby and vote against sanctions on Iran. And if that was not bad enough for the American Israel
Public Affairs Committee and the ADL, he went on record opposing war with the Persian nation. He
believed that talking with the Iranian government was the best way to resolve any conflicts our two
countries may have.

Hagel’s common sense and patriotism are anathema to the Israel-first media, the spokesmen
for which characteristically find the futile, thankless and expensive policy of internationalismto be
the proper course for America no matter the cost in defeat, destruction, death and onrushing national

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