Friday, January 11, 2013

Matthews revisits neocon ‘bomber boy’ saying Iraq war would be over in 2 months

Chris Matthews minced no words introducing the neocon opposition to Hagel the other night:

Let me start with this, the folks who quack for Iraq have a knack for bad ideas. They pushed us into war ten years ago, they made their case with lies and half truths and flimflam. We had to get revenge for 9/11 so let's attack Iraq even though it was al Qaeda that hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. We have to attack Iraq because we've got evidence they have weapons of mass destruction, WMD, even if there's no evidence they have nuclear weapons and it would turn out they didn't have chemical or biological either. We have to attack Iraq, the hawks, they promised it would bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The road to Jerusalem runs through Baghdad it was said. What we've got instead is the loss of even a chance for peace in the Middle East. Well, tonight the people who sold America the Iraq war are out selling more warfare in the Middle East. They want military action against Syria, they want war waged against Syria, and they want Chuck Hagel out of the way. Why? because he's just the kind of guy who will ask, what should we have asked when W took us to war in Iraq? Is this really the smart thing to do for us?

How blunt and refreshing. Matthews interviews Sam Stein, political reporter at the Huffington Post, and reads from Stein's Hagel article The Combustible Politics Of Obama's Clearest Break From Bush before asking him what the neocons have in store for us. Note Stein's last sentence here:

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