Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Will the Liberty movement prevent RINO neocons from ever winning a Presidential race again?

It's no secret that the neocon faction of the GOP hates the people of the liberty movement. We're taking precinct by precinct with the message of peace, individual liberty, natural law, less government and greater freedom, based on the principals of the Constitution. Liberty is popular. The neocons platform of endless war and aggression, big government, behavior control, debt and the forced selection of globalist puppets for Presidential candidates meant that most liberty Republicans voted for everyone but Romney. State election results now reveal that millions voted GOP, but mysteriously left the Presidential box unchecked, as did I. Where do the dying neocon RINO's believe they will find new support to counter the 40+%, or so, of energetic, informed liberty-minded people that now occupy the GOP from the precincts, up? Source

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