Friday, November 23, 2012

Desperate-to-win Neocon Trash Reconsider Rand Paul (in WaPo, no less!)

To say that Rand Paul is a controversial figure is a gross understatement, but critics who confuse the father, Ron, with the son and who write the son off as a fringe figure are missing something.

I don’t agree with him that revenue shouldn’t be part of a grand bargain or that defense (the only area of government that has already seen real cuts) should cough up more, but neither do I hear him trying to mount a filibuster. And I do think that if conservative hawks are going to preserve a responsible level of defense spending, they will need to put forth a sound process for reforming Pentagon appropriations, health care, etc.

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My comment: In 2016, desperate-to-win neocon trash will convince themselves that they can work with Rand Paul. This process has already begun. We should not let this taint Rand. Instead, we should enjoy the turnabout and look forward to (even relish) their inevitable disappointment once Rand becomes president.


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Mr. Mcgranor said...

I hope Rand Paul is more fringe then his father; and less Libertarian.

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