Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liberal Media: A Neocon Love Story

Is there anything more smug than those who “see the light” and use their new-found positioning to expose their positions of old? There’s the believer turned atheist. There’s the atheist turned believer. There’s the liberal turned conservative and so forth. Of course this apostasy adds nothing to the arguments, but often gives the illusion of credibility to a strolling bookstore patron. So my critique of the liberal media shouldn’t be of much concern.

The ‘mainstream media’ –Oh, how much I loathe that term which is thrown around endlessly– is made up of mostly liberals, and mostly of the Orthodox bend. It doesn’t bother me–as I bear witness to no ideology. But I confess to a slight tingling sensation when reading an AP report and catch whiff of some liberal bias. I first think of my conservative comrades who must be irate, taking every preceding punctuation mark as a sign of the vast liberal conspiracy. I then think of the reporter and their liberal comrades who, in my estimation, are unaware of any bias in the piece. But most importantly, I think of my smug self and how much better I am than all other parties involved in what is supposed to be a boring press report.

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