Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will Neocons ‘Tip Their Hand’ In Tampa, Or Remain In The Shadows?

This article will attempt to focus greater attention on an area of the current presidential campaign that has received very little notice and virtually no campaign advertising (which drives public opinion and the overall campaign debate): Foreign Policy and a Nuclear Iran. I believe, that with the upcoming Republican Convention (Hurricane Isaac permitting), we may well see an effort by Republicans to “change the subject” away from the Medicare and Abortion debates of late that have provided them little traction in the polls, which mostly show President Obama with a narrow nationwide lead and – electorally – in the nine swing states thought crucial in deciding the presidency in 2012.

I believe that Republican Vice Presidential Nominee, Paul Ryan may well become a central player in this campaign strategy shift and, more ominously, is slated to become a major Neocon player in a Romney Administration and possibly a succeeding Ryan Presidency in eight years. I note here and now that regardless of who wins the presidency in 2012, the prospects of yet another war in the Mideast within the next year are great…as a percentage proposition I would say perhaps 75-25 that a military conflict with Iran may be inevitable. Frightened yet? I know I am. I hope you will stay with me while I outline my concerns in this complex area of foreign intrigue and the rather sordid cast of “usual suspects” I attempt to shine a brighter light on. But first,…

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