Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calling Netanyahu’s War Cry Bluff

I challenge any Neocons to a debate that they don’t have the balls to declare publicly a definite time table to attack Iran and that they will ensure America’s involvement in such an attack, that they will be at the frontlines facing the Iranians. That come the expiry of the time line, they will fly to Israel to do their duty as combatants and would not be hiding behind the skirts of their wives or mistresses.

I have noticed that western correspondents never cease to hype this Zionist war cry when there are impending financial crisis, to divert the public’s attention and to lull them from focusing on more important issues.

American Presidents (past and future) as well as candidates vying for this “puppet” political post unashamedly prostrate themselves before the Zionist lobby in America as well as the ruling elites in Israel for their approbation.

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