Monday, February 06, 2012

The Neocon/Liberal Empire

The difference between neocons and liberals is one of emphasis. Both groups believe in all the same things. Big government at home, more and more intrusive all the time, open borders (neocons like illegal aliens for their cheap labor, liberals like them because they help expand the welfare state), and empire abroad, with our money and troops being used to remake a reluctant world over into their vision of the future.

American voters are asked to choose between the basically identical programs of the Democrats, dominated by liberals, and the Republicans, dominated by neocons. Now, the rhetoric differs somewhat. Democrats like to talk about peace and freedom, while Republicans talk about freedom and peace. Both agree about peace — they define it as preemptive invasions of just about everybody, our troops spread out all over the world, and a foreign policy designed to destabilize any country that doesn't allow Goldman-Sachs to move in and tell everybody what to do. The difference is that Democrats are more likely to say they're helping the people they invade, while the Republicans like to say that they're fighting over there so we won't have to fight over here. They're both wrong, of course.

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