Sunday, February 19, 2012

The cost of Zionism & Neo-fascism

The US is the richest country on earth but an estimated 1 million Americans die preventable deaths each year due to gross fiscal perversion whereby trillions of dollars are spent on the military, wars and killing people abroad rather than on keeping Americans alive at home. The Neocon and Zionist Establishment 1% responsible for this passive mass murder of 1 million Americans each year should be exposed and sidelined by the long-suffering 99% of ordinary Americans. For those who care about ordinary Americans and have been inspired by great American humanitarians, there are some truly shocking statistics.

The US has a Gross National Product of $14.5 trillion, has a national debt of $9.1 trillion that is 63% of GDP, and devotes $698 billion each year to military expenditure, this representing 4.8% of GDP, 43% of World military expenditure and $698,000 million/ 314.7 million = $2,217 per person. By way of comparison, total US expenditure on health per capita is $7,410, total expenditure on health as % of GDP is 16.2% (2009 data from WHO) and total annual US expenditure of health is accordingly $7,410 per person x 314.7 million persons = $2.3 trillion or $2,300 billion per year.

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