Monday, February 20, 2012

Neocon version of sacrifices

I had no idea that the Newsweek has started a Pakistan Edition till today, when I found a copy of this new publication; with a bold title page heading “The War on Christians” in a book shop . Inside the cover the feature is titled “ The Rise of Christianphobia”, a term invented as if in justification of Islamophobia which as is evidenced from the writings in the Western media first surfaced in the West in the early eighties, probably due to the success of Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution and strong reaction to Anwar Sadat’s Camp David agreements. The Gulf War, the American onslaught on Iraq, the War in Afghanistan were the events which led to the birth of terrorism. Earlier creation of Israel as is admitted by the historians sowed the seeds of anti-Western-ism in the Muslim world , What is being witnessed now is an anti-West phenomena not an anti-Christian one, and what is happening in the Middle East, in Asia and in Africa cannot be lumped together.

In the Middle East it is imposition of Israel reminiscence of settling the accounts of the Christian’s defeat in Crusades is looked upon. Black out of the entire recent history in the West itself which accounted for the new wave of animosity against the west has been blanketed in this article of Newsweek. No Muslim can be anti-Christianity which as is his belief is a Devine religion, To equate anti-west wave with Christianphobia is highly incorrect. Anti-West yes, Christianphobia no. One can check the number of Muslims Bush’s wars and now Obama’s war in Afghanistan . Could it be about 10,000 and destruction of cities, and incidents of Abu Gharib have added to this wave of anti-West. No one would describe these neo-colonialist acts as Christian acts or just starts writing on the phenomenon as inter religious wars but neo- colonial acts of war.

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