Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ok, Let's Have It From the Beginning: What Are Israel and Iran Getting Us Into? by Mark Dankof

Pastor Mark Dankof tells the previously untold story about the role of The Iron Eagle, General Curtis LeMay, in saving his father's military career light years ago. LeMay's insistence on being leveled with, mirrored the same methodology Colonel Karl Dankof employed with his two sons as a father.

And now it is Mark Dankof who suggests that the same level of truthfulness be required of Mr. Bush, the Neo-Cons, the Israeli lobby, the War Wing of the Christian Right, and the Iranian expatriate groups, regarding the winds of wider war blowing over the Middle East, the American homeland, and the entire planet.

The Dankof article contains great links to other relevant articles on the subject, including Kam Zarrabi's piece for Payvand's Iran News on Jerome Corsi and his Atomic Iran agenda, as well as several pictures of Pastor Dankof's recent golf excursion with his 85 year old father in San Antonio.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Dankof has it right--as usual. We thank him for his endorsement of Mothers Against the Draft and hope more of the American public will "get it" before it is too late.

Janine Hansen
Debbie Hopper
Mothers Against the Draft

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